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11 Qualities of a Great College Professor

College professors are some of the most influential people on a college campus. They teach students and play an essential role in shaping their future. So, what makes a great college professor? Here are eleven qualities that top professors have:

They have a passion for teaching and learning

A good professor strives to deliver a quality lecture and engage their students. Great professors go way beyond just teaching you the material. They establish strong connections with their students. They are highly passionate about what they teach and will do whatever it takes to ensure that their students succeed. They are always available for their students, and they don’t mind explaining things multiple times. They do not consider teaching their job but take it as a passion for educating others and helping them grow and become successful. Great college professors are not teachers because they must be. They love their jobs, and it shows how they teach their students. Teaching is one of the most challenging professions, but great college professors put all their efforts into teaching their students and helping them learn.

They keep up with recent developments

By keeping up with recent developments, college professors can better convey information and make it more understandable for themselves and their students. They are always trying to learn more about their subject to share that information with their students practically, encouraging them to learn more independently. They are constantly striving to gain more knowledge to become great educational leaders. They know that they are essential pillars of the academic community and are responsible for leading and guiding their students.

They are experts in their field

College professors have spent years in college to learn the knowledge they teach. They know what they are talking about and effectively convey their message. They have in-depth knowledge in their field. Teachers who try to go to all lengths and take all kinds of approaches to explain something are significant for many reasons. They not only educate but also help their students succeed. Teachers play a huge role in the personality of their students. They act as mentors and help them develop an interest in various fields of study at colleges, so teachers must be competent enough to guide their students properly.

They give students opportunities to grow intellectually

College professors will not repeatedly teach the same lesson but give their students new information in each meeting. They want their students to explore different ideas and learn about them to be well-rounded adults ready for the real world. College professors want their students to think critically and carefully about all the information given to them to develop an educated opinion.

They have high expectations for all students

College professors want all their students to succeed. They will give them as much time as they need to learn the material, but they expect their students to know it once that time limit has come up. By having high expectations from all the students, professors can push them to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. This process teaches students to become independent adults who can set goals and meet them.

They care about their field and its effect on society

Great professor cares about what they are teaching because it matters in everyday life. They ensure that their whole lesson plan serves a greater purpose other than just being tested. They have strong beliefs in their field and are willing to share them with students to help improve society. College professors also care about what is going on outside the university walls, so they will teach their students to be aware of current events and understand why they matter in real life.

They enjoy teaching others

Professors love to share the knowledge they’ve gained through years of study with other people, whether in school or during work hours at a college or university. College professors enjoy teaching because it allows them to break down large amounts of information and make it understandable for someone who doesn’t know anything about the subject. They love seeing their students ask questions and learn something new, even if that means they need to go over things multiple times for them to understand.

They are patient and understanding

A good teacher is always patient and understanding with their students. They stay late if the students require any help. They spend time preparing new lessons to provide the best experience possible for their students. They do not grade harshly. They understand that every student has strengths and weaknesses, so instead of punishing someone for something they’re bad at, they will cultivate these areas to bring out the best in their students.

They are good communicators

A good professor must communicate well with all their students. A great college professor can make complex ideas simple and easy to understand. They will also make sure that they get the message across clearly by avoiding technical terms that only a few understand. Good professors must convey their thoughts intuitively, efficiently, and effectively.

They are good at critical thinking

A professor’s job is not just about conveying information; it also involves critical analysis of concepts and information so that the learner can understand how all the parts fit together. A great college professor uses various strategies such as posing questions, offering multiple perspectives, and asking students to use their knowledge to comprehend critical concepts fully. Furthermore, a good professor can guide the learners in their learning process for them to be able to come up with their answers, theories, and thoughts.

They are good listeners

A good college professor always listens attentively to what his students say. He does not just hear them; instead, he gathers meaning from their words and then responds. A good professor will never answer a question before listening carefully to the student. Good teachers try to incorporate what students have to say in their lectures. They are good listeners, and that is why students listen to them. A good professor will never judge his students’ performance without first listening carefully to what they have to say. He will not just hear them; he will understand their problems and give them wise counsel from his experience.


So, what makes a great professor? The answer to this is not always easy to determine, but certain qualities set the best professors apart from the rest. Suppose you are trying to enhance your teaching skills or become a college professor. In that case, it is essential to sharpen these qualities to be the most effective teacher you can be.

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