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5 Reasons Why You Need EICR Certificate London?.

What is an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report? EICR Certificate London is the official document submit after the building’s electrical installation evaluation. The evaluation is perform by a certified and experience electrician or certified contractor. Once the valuation is complete, you will receive an EICR Certificate London showing that this is proof that you have a valuation of the property.

What is EICR Certificate London?

Obtaining an EICR Certificate London for commercial real estate or housing is essential. This helps determine if the electrical installation is in good condition and safe. The easiest way to rent real estate is to make sure. Your electrical connections are secure and your property is free of electrical hazards. EICR is recommend for residential real estate every 10 years to ensure that cords and sockets work. No damage

What is an electrician’s certificate?

New homeowner electrical testing requirements require you to test your property every 5 years. You must be certified in the form of a written report. This is usually an electrical installation Condition report (EICR).

How often do you need a certificate of electricity from the owner?

Regulations require that the facility’s electrical installations be inspect. Regulations require owners to inspect and test electrical equipment for a period of up to 5 years. Must meet electrical safety standards. 

The UK Wiring Rule 18th Edition will come into force in 2019. So if the owner has an EICR report for real estate operating. After this date and meets all other requirements of the rule. If no report is specified, there will be no additional review process for 5 years. The next exam should be complete sooner.

Existing fixtures install according to previous versions of wiring rules may not be fully compliant with version 18. This does not mean that future use is unsafe or needs to be upgrade.

Why Do I Need an EICR Certificate in London?

  • Replace or upgrade your old contacts

Requesting an EICR Certificate London is important because the evaluation will tell you how old the installation is. If it is too old, it will need to be replace and upgrade. Older electrical connections will reduce the efficiency of the wires. If it is rust, there is a risk of fire. The more wiring you have, the more EICR will be perform.

  • Reduce electricity bills

If the electricity bill for your property increases, you need to know why the electricity bill is soaring. Therefore, these costs can be reduce and energy efficiency achieve. Upon receipt of the certificate. EICR will notify you of the inefficiencies of your electricity system. That will lead to higher electricity prices. The report includes the status of the electrical connection and provides a solution. That tells you how to make the electrical connection better and more efficient.

  • Electrical safety

What is EICR Certificate London? And why is it useful to take care of your insurance claim? In the event of an electrical accident, the insurance company will ask you to see the report. The report tells them if the electricity you use is safe. And having an EICR is an ideal document you can use as evidence.

  • Waiting for maintenance and upgrades

Upon receipt of the report, EICR Certificate cost will accurately assess the electrical equipment and provide details regarding the condition of the equipment. Will be include in the report if maintenance or upgrade is require.

EICR indicates whether there is a system error or the circuit is overload. It will help you take the appropriate steps to keep your system in top condition. The problem grows over time, so he makes sure you don’t have to spend extra money.

  • There is no danger of electricity

The most important reason to get EICR Certificate London is to be comfortable. This eliminates the need to worry about electrical hazards. When renting a property There is no problem convincing the tenant that it is a safe property.

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