6 Signs that Say You Need to Get Fuel Pump Service

Fuel Pump

Your car needs regular maintenance and taking care of each component of the vehicle is also essential. If your car is not functioning efficiently, it means there is some component malfunctioning or not working at its total capacity. And if you are in a place where the climate is extreme, the component is mostly the fuel pump. Unfortunately, fuel pumps are susceptible to malfunction more than you think, and the only way you could tackle this issue is by regular maintenance of the pump. 

When the car runs smoothly, no one cares about the maintenance chores such as replacing parts or inspection. Negligence could cause the entire shutdown of the vehicle. 

Many don’t consider the fuel pump a critical component they should take care of, leading to further complications and breakdowns of the vehicle. Hence, it is necessary to do maintenance of the fuel pump at regular intervals.

What is the function of a fuel pump?

You can call the fuel pump your car’s unsung hero. The pump takes gas/fuel from the tank and sends it to the engine. It is the first process of the vehicle when you start it. The pump lasts at least 100,000 miles or 160934.4 Km. 

If fuel pumps are not working correctly/malfunctioning, you will notice the following things in your car:

Following are the signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump:

Sputtering engine

If your engine starts to sputter once you reach your top speed, usually on highways, it indicates that the machine is not getting enough fuel. It is a sign of a clogged pump. You must take the car to the mechanic and ask them to clean it.

Overheating of engine

If your fuel pump is drying up, it will result in the overheating of the engine. Unlike the radiator, which overheats and bursts, the fuel pump usually takes out the engine. So it would help if you pulled over at the first sign of overheating.

Low fuel pressure

You have to test the fuel pressure to decide the causes of the sudden drying up of the pump. The fuel pressure gauge is always available at the auto part store. 

Power loss

Even if your engine doesn’t sputter like mentioned in the first point, you may sense a car’s power loss. This can be felt when you are driving up a steep hill. When you feel like the car is struggling to pull itself, get to the workshop immediately.

Decrease in mileage

A decrease in mileage is common in many cars as time passes. But, if you suddenly notice a change in mileage, there is some issue in the vehicle. There is a huge possibility that the fuel pump is damaged or malfunctioning, which is the worst case.

This must be the most concerning this for a driver. When the mileage drops suddenly, there is a massive issue with the fuel pump, and you need to call the mechanic. 

Surging engine

This is just the opposite of low fuel pressure. In this case, the pump sends too much fuel to your engine, affecting the driving experience. Your car will pick up the speed and slows down quickly, which is inconvenient for the driver. And if you don’t take your vehicle to the workshop immediately, the engine may get severe damage.

These are the signs that your fuel pump is malfunctioning and requires immediate maintenance.