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7 Reasons to Choose a Commercial-Grade Combi Oven

Combi-ovens have truly revolutionised commercial kitchens. This modern and versatile appliance uses heat from both steam and convection power, thus the name combi-oven. So, with the restaurant industry back in full action, a commercial-grade combi oven can significantly expand the serving capacity of eateries. And besides being so versatile, the most significant feature is how it maintains the moisture in the food. As such, read this blog to learn why combi ovens are an indispensable valuable addition to your commercial kitchen.

Benefits of a Commercial Combi Oven

Although a significant investment, this 3-in-1 appliance is an excellent deal. And a combi oven is worth it for the following reasons:

1.      Consolidation

The versatile combi ovens are also multifunctional. They not only cook food with steam or heat from convection power but serve more functions. For instance, combi ovens can serve the purpose of chargrills, fryers, steamers, griddles, convection ovens, and other such appliances.

If set to lower temperatures, it can also serve the purpose of a holding cabinet or a slow cooker. And while a combi-oven may seem like a considerable investment, it also saves the cost of buying multiple appliances.

2.      Flexibility

Combi ovens are available in various sizes. Therefore, whether you have a small or large space, you can find a combi oven that fits your kitchen. And if you wish to cook a large meal for many or small portions together, you can do it all.

3.      Cost Saving

Compared to conventional and other ovens, combi ovens cook fast, thus making them an energy-efficient alternative. Moreover, since combi ovens prevent the food from drying, it ensures that the maximum value is derived, and thus, contributing to low energy costs.

4.      Staff Support

Restaurants are expected to deliver consistent food and tastes. And a combi oven enables kitchen staff to deliver high-quality food consistently. As such, the customers will always receive the exact dish and flavour that they crave.

The combi oven can be set to a specific setting to produce food with consistent results. As such, irrespective of the staff member handling it, the food quality and taste will not be compromised. 

5.      Temperature and Moisture Control

The ability to use heat from both steam and convection power is the genius behind this appliance. It allows controlling humidity levels while cooking, thus maintaining moisture levels of the food. Meanwhile, the humidity levels can be adjusted to anywhere between 0% and 100%. And all you need to do is press a few buttons.

At the highest level, the food will be cooked in very high heat without drying the food. With such levels of customisation, you can maintain the desired temperature and humidity level while cooking. As such, the customers will always receive the exact dish and flavour that they crave.

6.      Programmable Menus

Combi ovens come with programmable menus that let you manually enter the recipe and select the cooking mode. This facility transforms complex recipes that use a specific combination of steam and heat into simple settings. And all you need to do is press a few buttons.

7.      Increase Food Yields and Consistency

A combination of heat and steam preserves not only the flavour but also the nutrients of the food. And consequently, it delivers high-quality dishes. And if you serve a variety of meats, this oven is your dream appliance. This is because the combi oven can prevent the meat from drying and shrinking, thus keeping it juicy and tender.

Installing a commercial-grade combi oven is an excellent alternative to expanding kitchen capacity than physically expanding the eatery. Nevertheless, kitchens cannot function without quality appliances. So by choosing a combi oven, you can deliver high-quality food quickly and in larger quantities.

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