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How are Transition Glasses Among the Best Advancement in the Eyewear Industry?

When was the last time you actually witnessed a magic trick? Well if you ask us, it’s been quite some time for the same. But we have brought you something better than this, magic that happens quite right in front of your eyes, quite literally. 

Photochromic lenses

Just like any other regular glasses, these are your normal prescription glasses when indoors. The magic happens when you step right out in the sun, these glasses covered in a dark tint making it look just like a pair of sunglasses. 

How do clear glasses go to sunglasses? If you are looking to go into the details, these glasses when in contact with the sun rays cause a chemical reaction hence leading to the dark tint covering the lenses. These lenses then start looking just like sunglasses. 

Now comes the best part, these glasses’ tints react to the amount of sunlight falling right on them. That is, the more the sunlight, the darker the tint, and vice versa. That is exactly how these pretty glasses react to the rays falling right on them. 

Imagine glasses that are smart enough to adjust to the changes, then all you have to buy are transition lenses and see for yourself. 

These are specialised in blocking UV rays from entering and causing any harmful effects to the same. Also, they provide a super smooth transition as per the amount of sunlight outside. 

These lenses are also known for their return to normal speed as well, as soon as you are back inside, these go back to being your regular prescription glasses. 

Styles of glasses for men 

Now that you have decided to buy the perfect pair of transition lenses, it is time for you to give a look at a few pairs that would speak to your style. And if you are in an actual dilemma as to what to pair with then all you have to do is visit Specscart and look at their vast collection of glasses they offer. Even your transition lens requirement is best done there. 

Well, this listing of styles might definitely interest you with a few:

Browline glasses- Bold, interesting, and hunk at the same time, browline glasses never fail to awestruck their users with their charm. A special way of conveying the style and rhythm it carries these are a perfect fit for the one official purposes. On the first day at work, no other glasses will have a better charm than those browline glasses. 

Transparent glasses- Never fails to grab the attention, that is exactly what these pretty-looking glasses are known for. They are able to make the best use of their style by grabbing attention but they never overpower your style, in fact, they make sure every other part of your attire compliments each other.

Round glasses- Sophistication at its peak, there are several other glasses that induce class but none like round glasses that have the same charm of their own. Looking forward to your first date? All you have to do is wear a pair of round glasses and leave the rest to work on its own. 

Metal glasses- Minimalist at its best, metal or metallic glasses have their way through some of the best fashions. Showcasing the best of the minimalist in all senses, they do not have to scream on their style, in fact, they have a much elite fashion sense. Also, there are no certain specifications when it comes to the metal frames, they perfectly blend in with every outfit super smooth. 

Where to find the perfect pair? 

As discussed, if you are looking to find that one perfect pair speaks the best of the styles, then all you have to do is visit Specscart. They have mastered the art of providing the best of the styles at high quality and comparatively low prices. 

All you have to do is order men’s glasses with them, in fact, you might not be well aware of their 24 hrs dispatch service even on the weekends making the brand one of its kind in the market. 

Once you place the order with them, the glasses are dispatched in 24 hrs and by the very next day, one will receive the glasses. And how is this super fast delivery possible?

This is only possible with the help of the in-house laboratory in Manchester, getting hands right on the glasses. Apart from that, the high-end technology and 20 years of experienced technicians make it look just like a cakewalk to produce glasses of quality and right on time. 

The glasses go through a three-point check in the manufacturing process ensuring the best quality and service. And that is how they make it super possible to get your glasses right to your doorstep before time. 

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