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Why use a service directory to find railcar parts suppliers?

The Commtrex railroad equipment supplier is the go-to resource for businesses across North America when they need to connect with rail component suppliers, rail track component suppliers and more. Our directory helps provide accurate searches with an advanced set of user-friendly online tools. Quickly find the specialized services you need on our interactive map, then compare multiple companies using our side-by-side comparison tool. This efficient system will help you save time and money.

Companies in the rail equipment industry manufacture freight and passenger rail cars, locomotives, brakes, and other parts and equipment used in rail operations. The vehicle manufacturing industry has become a focal point of economic development. The demand for these devices has increased sharply as the volume of goods transported and the distance traveled. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Who is the largest manufacturer of locomotives in the world?

Demand for freight rail vehicles is being driven by a global increase in fuel prices, as higher prices have shifted the freight trend from trucks to rails. Demand for the passenger car fleet is driven by government investment in regional rail transport. Profitability in this industry depends on securing long-term contracts and leases with railway companies. Larger companies are at an advantage by producing huge quantities of railway equipment at the same time, achieving economies of scale. Globally, Europe and the Asia Pacific are the largest markets for railway equipment, followed by North America and Row.

Many countries in Europe and Asia have adopted effective policies and are investing significantly in their rail transport sector. In particular, when it comes to intercity passenger rail, Europe and the Asia Pacific are far ahead of the US in rail spending relative to their GDP and population. The biggest markets are Germany, Great Britain and China. India, China, and Brazil are identified as the fastest growing markets among emerging markets due to increased domestic consumption, favorable economic conditions, freight demand, rising passenger growth, and expansion of rail networks.

Who builds locomotives today?

The challenges for the railroad equipment supplier industry lie with the governments of the respective countries, as the governments of some major markets continue to control rail operations and try to introduce more popular policies that make this market price sensitive.

Opportunities in this industry lie in investing in the development of innovative products that can increase speed, reduce cost and weight, and ensure passenger safety. Some of the major railway equipment companies include American Railcar Industries, Electro-Motive Diesel, GE, Greenbrier, Trinity Industries, Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies, Alstom, Bombardier, China CNR Corporation, CSR Corporation, Nippon Sharyo and Siemens.