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When is the Best Time to Rent a Storage Unit?

In today’s capitalistic society, we need to see that things that we own do not end up owning us. However, it is seen that we end up owning too many things. Usually, the case for us will be that most of these things will either end up in the bin or will be donated to some random GoodWill. But those of us who absolutely abhor the thought of our things being wasted have to end up renting a storage space. Off-site storage space is maybe one of the things that are best for those of us who have a lot of material things. Storage units and inexpensive to rent for a long time and are dependable as well. 

There are a lot of types of storage units to choose from, to fit your preferences. More likely than not, you are to find a dependable storage unit company where you can store your things near your location. 

But if you are anything like us, you will wonder what is the best time to rent a storage unit. Well, look no further than this blog post where we answer this question – when is the best time to rent a storage unit? 

Well, we will give you a hint as to what time is the best time to rent a storage unit – it is the time you cozy up, watch the snowfall, and wrap Christmas presents. That is right, the best time to rent out a storage unit will be in the winter. 

It might seem counterintuitive for many of us who are living in the biting cold to make various trips to a storage unit to store your stuff, but this is actually when the demands for storage units are at their minimum so you will be able to get a lot of benefits for the same as well. 

The reason behind this is that the simple laws of economics are at work. The idea is simple – supply and demand. When there is more supply than demand, rates tend to be cheaper. So, you are more likely to find a storage unit at a cheaper rate during the winter months. 

There is a reason why the winter months are referred to as the “slow months” – it is because a lot few people are looking to rent out a storage unit at this time. Now, this might sound bad and discouraging if you are a storage unit business owner, but if you are a normal human looking to store your stuff, you will be more likely to find a variety of options in terms of storage units, to choose from. 

This will be very handy in case you are looking to store sensitive or precious items like wooden furniture, and electronic items like stereos, DVRs, or televisions. Since there is low demand, you are more likely to find a climate-controlled storage unit with ease at a relatively inexpensive rate.

Other added amenities like drive-up storage, first-floor access, and vehicle storage options will also be easily available or even complementary in some cases! 

Unless it is foggy, you can see where this section will lead to – addressing the weather conditions during the winter months. In case you live in a state which has sunny skies all throughout the year, you can skip this section.

But in the case, you live in an area with a lot of snow and cold that can sweep you off your feet (and will probably need driveway clearing), this section is very important for you. The most simple thing is that it is a bad idea to move to a storage unit during a blizzard or even move boxes from your residence to the car in case the ground is covered with slippery ice. 

It will be in everybody’s best interest if you check the weather conditions before moving when the weather conditions are easier to handle and are milder in nature. Many storage companies offer drive-up storage or find a storage company with a covered bay. 

A climate-controlled storage unit is also a must when it comes to storing your stuff in a unit during the winter. Winters are notoriously known for being icky in terms of having a lot of humidity, and moisture that can damage your goods. 

Especially if you have goods that are prone to damage easily like electronics or wooden furniture, you will need to shell out extra cash for a climate-controlled storage unit. We hope that this blog has answered your question for you regarding what is the best time for you to rent a storage unit. When you are ice skating, drinking some hot chocolate, and cozying up by the fireplace, it is also the best time to check out storage space.

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