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Buying a U Shaped Desk with Hutch: 5 Materials and Colors To Try

Every person deserves to work in a space that exudes efficiency and productivity. The first step when setting up your office space is finding a desk. There are many desk varieties in the market, and settling for one can be daunting. However, finding the perfect solution for your office needs is possible.

A U-shaped desk with a hutch is an ideal place to begin. It saves on space by providing ample storage solutions ensuring your space stays organised and only what is necessary is on the tabletop. However, choosing material and colour can take time and effort, given the various options available. Here are five materials and colours to consider.

1. Commercial Grade Laminate

A U-shaped desk with a hutch made from commercial-grade laminate is appealing. In the past, laminate was considered weaker than real wood. However, with technological advancements and construction methods, the narrative has changed as laminate has narrowed the inferiority gap. A laminate finish gives your desk a wood appearance while providing a cost-friendly alternative for offices with a tight budget.

Further, laminate protects your desk from chipping, scratching, and getting other blemishes. In addition, it is quite durable and affordable. This makes it the perfect material for desks used often and where sharp tools are used.

2. Driftwood

Driftwood is wood that has fallen into the water and stayed there so long that fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens have eaten all rottable substances and left only cellulose. This material is perfect for people who love nature, believe in sustainable living, and like giving back to the environment.

Your office is an extension of your personality, so getting a U shaped desk with Hutch with a driftwood finish is perfect. Driftwood is versatile, renewable, and mysterious in an interesting way. It cannot be easy to know the driftwood’s journey, but its natural charm adds an enthralling and exciting mystique and adventure feel. This finish also adds individuality and intrigue to your office.

3. Aspen

Aspen gives your U-shaped desk with a hutch a rustic look. Aspen wood stains well and sands effortlessly. Although it is a light wood, it offers a good level of durability. With its relatively low density, good machining properties, soft texture, and stability, aspen can easily be glued onto wood to add a pleasing visual appeal. Where the aspen wood is unavailable, you can get an aspen-colored desk to get the same rustic feel and uniqueness provided by the actual wood.

4. Mahogany

Mahogany is a reddish brown colour that is highly coveted for its hues. Its hues have warm and cool undertones, making it a colour everyone can enjoy. The colour starts off as light pinkish from the onset but rapidly turns reddish brown with exposure. It is a delightful colour for your desk that oozes class and luxury.

5. Newport Gray

Newport grey is the perfect colour for lovers of elegance. It adds softness and cosiness to your office and is a neutral colour that perfectly blends with other hues. It also coordinates well with different accent colours giving your space a sophisticated look.


Finding the perfect U shaped desk with a hutch is an exciting task given the different colours and materials to choose from. However, consider your office decor and colour scheme to get the perfect U shaped desk.

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