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Car track for adults

For any occasion, a Car track is always a good idea. ok I’m a bit prejudiced, but if I hadn’t been given a Carrera track as a gift,tiny remote control car probably still wouldn’t have one and see what has become of it:

Don’t worry, this is not the case with everyone, so if you are now considering whether you give your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife a Carrera train and maybe have doubts whether your current living situation gives it at all. tiny remote control car not all of them degenerate like me, but the danger exists and especially if you have the necessary space, it can go very quickly.

Even though tiny remote control car we might not necessarily jokingly talk about a virus these days, here in such a case, you can get infected really quickly.

Carrera needs space

If I have not deterred you now, it can go on. But you have to be aware that Carrera, even if it should only stay with one track, needs space. Even if you buy a small 1:43 track (which I would not do with an adult) you need so good 2-3 m² to build the Carrera track sensibly and to be able to play with it.

The larger scales need a good 4-5m².

That is why I do not want to go into detail here.

Carrera track for “big” recommendation

Maybe I feel the same way as my wife, who had the idea to give me a Carrera train for Christmas, but also didn’t know what and how and hadn’t dealt with the topic before.

But she was lucky that she knew someone in her circle of friends who knew someone, well you know, at least she could get tips and then finally decided on evolution in 1:32.

This is the cheap entry into the Carrera world and especially if you do not know exactly whether the person also enjoys it and how long the motivation is maintained (there are different types, I will explain again in a moment) the Evolution Carrera tracks are really an easy and inexpensive entry.

For my case, best rc car track i would have loved to have the digital version right away, but no problem, if you are infected, you buy it anyway after 😊

Carrera Railway Types

Here we come again briefly to the different types of Carrera track players.

Type 1

He gets the Carrera track or maybe buys one himself, unpacks it, assembles it and plays the evening with it, maybe even the week after, packs it up again and never gets the Carrera track out again.

But tells everywhere that he has a Carrera train at home and could not afford it as a child / Or had one as a child.

Type 2

Similar to Type 1, except that the Carrera track is taken out again at regular intervals, usually because there is no space or permanent motivation for permanent construction.

Type 3

The excessive and I, unfortunately, have to admit to myself, that’s probably me. I had the financial possibilities and very bad, also the space to set up my own Carrera room. For this, I needed many more rails, accessories, lap counters, computers for the lap times, and of course a lot of Carrera cars.

But now comes the big thing, unfortunately, I have far too little time and when I have time, I used it for something else. From time to time (really very rarely) friends come by to drive, it’s super fun and you decide to drive more often now, and then it ends again immediately. The track is dusting.

Nevertheless, I have not regretted it and I am happy every time I come into the room and when it is only a few laps, that’s just the way it is. but I have the opportunity.

But now I have almost strayed from the topic, the Carrera tracks for adults

So what do I recommend?

Buy a Digital 132 Set, some with a change switch, maybe around / timepiece and you have a lot of fun. Which set exactly does not matter. DTM, GT, or Supercars, all are fun and serve their purpose.

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