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Shoes For Boys: Top 7 Reasons To Buy Quality Shoes For Your Kid

When it comes to shoes for boys’, we should not be tempted by factors like price, style, or fashion alone. Stop if you find yourself drawn toward those cute designs on the shelves! To know how your choice of shoe matters, read along with the article for the top 6 benefits.

  1. Comfort: It goes without saying, comfort is the main factor. Your boy is beginning to walk, run and explore around him. A pair of comfortable sneakers will support him all through his active day. Moreover, kids are kids. That is, they do not know if the shoes are tight. So, before you realize it, maybe the damage is already done. 
  2. WellFitted Shoes: Well-fitted shoes can aid his development. Tight-fitted shoes increase the possibility of immobility, weakness, and in extreme cases, deformity in kids. Experts suggest that kids develop balance when barefoot. Unfortunately, not all grounds are designed for bare feet, so it is very important for good boys’ shoes.
  3. Easy to Wear: We understand it is not easy for kids to tie laces from the first day. Mornings are busy times when parents are occupied as well. Boys’ shoes with Velcro or laces help their feet grow and save you from additional hassles during active hours.


Fast Growth: This is the time when kids are growing fast. It is not surprising to see yourself running to the stores every few months. It’s good news that your boy is growing well. However, tracking when he has outgrown his shoes can be challenging. Boys from 3 to 4 years tend to grow out every 6 months. You may be thus tempted to buy shoes a few sizes bigger, but that is not a very good idea. The chances of your kid tripping and falling while wearing an oversized shoe are higher.

  1. Moreover, this can also lead to deformities or nerve problems later. So, when should you upgrade? Well, look for wear and tear. See if the soles are worn out or if the edges are torn. These can be the obvious signs of a new pair of sneakers.
  2. Breathable Shoes: Kids remain active throughout the day. Smelly or sweaty feet can cause discomfort. These days, brands have developed sneakers made of canvas or leather that absorb sweat better and keep the feet dry. So, breathability is an important feature to look for in shoes for boys’, especially during the hot summers.
  3. Firmness Matters: Kids learn to balance and try different tricks at this age. Sneakers for boys’ must be firm and sturdy enough to support them through their activities. In other words, flexibility is the key. The shoes should neither be too hard nor too soft for them. A sturdy shoe will protect the tiny feet from injury or pain. Too rigid materials or soles do not support stretching or wriggling and thus can result in foot problems.

So, what makes a shoe “a good-fitting” one? In a nutshell, keep in mind these pointers:

  • Comfortable
  • Stretchable
  • Easy-to-wear
  • Lasts long or durable
  • Supports walking

Kids are active and fidgety, but you can quickly put them in the right shoes. You need not worry about deformities or other discomforts with the right shoes. So, do not get carried away by the fantastic designs and latest collections on the shelves; instead, look for the spunky ones that will add to your kids’ comfort. He will look not only sleek but also active without any complaints.

What you Should Avoid:

While you are looking for the right kind of shoes for your kid, these are some pointers that you must avoid:

  • Crocs or the ones that do not stay securely fastened.
  • Shoes that look fashionable but do not feel comfortable
  • Flip Flops

While playing barefoot aids maximum development, the chances of injuries like a broken toenail, stubbed toes, or splinters increases. Thus, it is always better to wear comfortable shoes indoors and outdoors.

Passing on Shoes to Kids is not a Very Good Idea:

For some, spending on shoes is the last thing. Kids outgrow their shoes too soon, and you may think passing them on to your next one is wise. But every child has their gait pattern, which can be affected by the daily wear and tear. When a child wears an old shoe, the gait pattern may get altered because of wearing the old ones. This can result in serious foot problems in the future. The midsoles or insoles can get damaged, which may not support those little feet properly.

So, carefully look into your options when buying shoes for boys’. Let them explore the world around them while you know their tiny feet are secured within a comfortable pair of shoes.

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