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7 Tips For Creating Engaging Videos for Facebook

Video content is engaging and connects with the target audience. Video marketing has taken the internet by storm, and almost every brand or business is involved in creating engaging videos. Videos, short or long, are perfect for better brand visibility and awareness. 

Social media has billions of daily users globally, making it a sustainable platform for sharing videos for marketing and promotion. Among them, Facebook is one of the best-positioned and popular social media channels with solid engagement. According to Statista, the approximate number of active users on Facebook in the first quarter of 2022 was 2.93 billion. Facebook has a massive reach with the widest visibility and highest engagement, making it one of the best platforms for video marketing. With a range of video formats available, Facebook can help boost any digital marketing strategy.

So, here are a few tips on creating engaging videos for Facebook.

  1. Diversify the video content 

Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing various types of videos to create better engagement with the audience. Facebook is a social media platform and, hence, not the right space to post long-form videos. Keep the videos short but impactful to compel the audience to watch and share. Always diversify and post mixed content to keep the audience interested. 

Here are some video ideas perfect for posting on Facebook:

  • Informative videos: Such videos help educate and create awareness about a brand, product or service.
  • “How to” or tutorial videos: Tutorial videos are straightforward videos about how to use a product.
  • User-generated videos: These are video content created and shared by users in the form of ideas, experiences, opinions, feedback, review, etc. about a service, business, or product.
  • Raw and authentic content: Authentic and informative video content effectively improves brand reputation with the audience. For example, behind the scene videos, storytelling, etc., are some examples of video content that can improve brand reputation.
  • Live videos: One of the best forms of video is to connect with the audience live. This addresses the doubt through Q&A sessions.

A Facebook video editor has many built-in tools that help with quick and effective editing. Posting different videos amplifies the target base as everyone has something they may be interested in watching.

  1. Start a video series 

One of the best ways to drive better engagement and get more views is to create a series of videos and upload them one by one. This keeps a mystery element intact so that audience is gripped by what happens next. 

A series of interesting and engaging how-to videos or entertaining videos retain people’s interest and are perfect for getting leads. The series continues a particular topic and helps build brand awareness and visibility. Always choose a topic that the target audience would be interested in and maintain the topic’s relevance to get more views.

  1. Optimize the videos for mobile 

Vertical videos are optimized for mobile phones and hence are highly responsive. Most people watch videos on their smartphones which makes it crucial to make the videos mobile-responsive. As people prefer phones over laptops or PC, the vertical format brings more engagement than a horizontal one. 

  1. Create SEO video ads for Facebook

Facebook video ads drive traffic and visibility from the target audience. Optimizing the SEO for the ads is necessary to target the ads to the right audience. Along with creating interesting content, using the relevant keyword with a combination of short and long-form content improves visibility. Do thorough keyword research and use it for the video as well as in the content for the video. Paid Facebook video ads effectively market a brand or product, improving the overall sales funnel.

  1. Create short videos 

Facebook is not the right platform for creating long videos as people are looking majorly for short, engaging content. You should use the right tool to understand how to edit a video on Facebook that trims the unwanted parts from the video and puts together a short, crisp video. Always try posting a video within the length of 2 – 5 minutes. A brand that can send a message in the shortest time possibly gets the maximum views and shares.

  • Always use a powerful intro of 5 to 10 seconds to introduce the context of the video. This segment or part is important as it helps in keeping the audience hooked to the rest of the content. Video marketing is about grabbing people’s attention in the first few seconds.
  • Make sure not to create a dull video. Always create a balance between information, entertainment, and concept when sharing a video on Facebook.
  1. Focus more on live videos 

Live videos are an impactful and excellent way to communicate in real time with the audience. It is necessary to build trust and credibility when it comes to brands or businesses. For small businesses, conducting live sessions effectively creates higher engagement and double the views.

 As live videos help in answering real-time questions or providing information about a product or service in real-time, it builds a bond. Businesses that address the concern of the customers through live Facebook video sessions make the customers feel special. As video consumption increases, brands or businesses that frequently produce live videos have witnessed a significant increase in audience reach.

  1. Always add a CTA 

Instead of making hard sales or continuously selling something, add a relevant CTA (call-to-action) to create the necessary sales funnel. Facebook videos help in presenting easily to a larger segment of the audience. However, leverage Facebook’s in-built feature of adding a CTA. This helps redirect the audience to the next action creating a sales funnel. Call to action (CTA) buttons available on Facebook includes:

  • Shop Now – Redirects the customers to the shopping page and hence is sales drive
  • Sign up – This is for subscription, creating an account, etc.
  • Watch video – This is for watching the complete video after it is redirected to another platform
  • Learn more – It is used to redirect the audience to a website or another site to provide more information

CTA with the video is an effective way to drive traffic and create new leads, lead conversion, and sales funnel. Always add relevant CTA to the video to create the right impact and visibility.


Facebook is one of the largest platforms which has helped many brands and businesses to connect with the audience. As video content is one of the best forms of marketing, it is necessary to invest time in creating videos for uploading on Facebook. With billions of users, it helps in drawing more traffic to websites and hence is a good sales funnel.

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