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Effective Interviewing Attention to Detail

One day – one interview. 

Trying to visit several prospective employers in one day is not a good idea. Already after the first interview, quite natural fatigue can overcome you. In addition, if the first acquaintance with a recruiter takes place in the format of a stress interview. Then the desire to communicate with other recruiters will disappear completely. 

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Keep this in mind and plan no more than one interview per day. It is advisable to have an interval of 1-2 days between interviews to have time to prepare for the next self-presentation with a fresh head. A short time between interviews will help you critically evaluate your resume and how much it needs to be finalized for a visit to the next company.

Prepare multiple copies of your resume. 

You should not go to an interview with one copy of your resume. Because there is a chance that you will have to give it to a recruiter, or employer, or leave it to the secretary. Make 3-4 copies and take them with you – even if you give several resumes to company employees, you will have one more copy in your hands, which will help you more confidently navigate your answers. And do not be afraid to look at your resume from time to time, because from the excitement you can forget the exact title of your previous job or some calendar data.

Provide time. 

At the last second, bursting into the recruiter’s office and hastily catching your breath. And immediately joining the interview is one of the surest ways to ruin your first impression. It is better to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled meeting to have time to calm down a little and tune in to the upcoming conversation. 

And you can spend these minutes not only on rest – take a closer look at the place where you may have to work, evaluate your future colleagues, and their manner of communicating with each other. If you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to an interview and realize that you won’t make it by the appointed time, call back and warn the recruiter. Of course, this lateness will automatically take away a few points from you, but you will be able to equalize the score at least for a courtesy call.

Show kindness.

From excitement, it is easy to forget not only university wisdom and professional skills. But also completely lose sight of the elementary rules of etiquette. First of all, start your acquaintance with a recruiter with a smile. 

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This is much more effective than a wary look and anxious facial expressions. Even if you are worried, you can tell the recruiter about it with a smile. At the end of the interview, be sure to thank the recruiter for giving you the time. Of course, you can rightly argue that this is his job. But no one has yet canceled the rules of business etiquette.

Walk away with results. 

Most applicants are sure that nothing good is hidden behind the phrase “we will call you back”. However, it is in your power to change this common stereotype and leave each interview with certain results. After the employer or recruiter says this standard farewell formula, you may well ask about the timing of the call. 

If you feel that you are being avoided to give specific dates. Then offer to contact the company yourself on a certain day. At the same time, specify the contact numbers and the name of the employee with whom you will talk about the decision during the interview. If the recruiter names the secretary, ask if you can call the recruiter personally?

Follow external formalities. 

Despite the obvious need to follow the rules of a business dress code. From time to time, job seekers ignore these regulations. If you do not know what dress code is adopted in a given company. Then try to outwardly correspond to the ideas of a specialist in your profile. 

Excessive formality and stiffness in style in most cases are not required, at least at the first interview. But not being flashy or overly creative will help you avoid the recruiter’s prying eyes. Informal style, revealing outfits, and bright makeup are best left for evening entertainment with friends and prepare something more traditional and business-like for an interview.

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