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Finding The Perfect Mens Glasses For Your Face Shape

Knowing which eyeglass styles work best for your face shape will enable you to choose a look that enhances rather than dampens your features. It will also help you avoid the decision that has caused you to wear the same worn-out pair of men’s glasses in the past.

Most people don’t entirely fall into one group. Instead, every face is unique, and anybody who tells you that your square jaw prevents rectangle frames from looking good on you could be wrong!

To assist you further, we’ve curated a list of the best men’s glasses and how they’ll help you make the most of your looks and personality. But remember, the final decision is always yours to make. Let’s check it out! 

Guide To Glasses For Basic Face Shape

Round Face

Do you have softer facial characteristics, including more prominent cheeks and a softer jawline?

If this describes you, we advise sticking with square-shaped frames for your mens glasses. Here, a pair of angular glasses with sharp corners will contrast your rounder facial shape beautifully.

We advise choosing men’s square tortoise-shell spectacles if you have a fair complexion and want something quite traditional. Your calm skin tone and round face will complement this particular frame type.

Square Face

If you’re somebody with a square face, we advise you to opt for rounder men’s eyeglasses that contrast your square features.

Round tortoise frames will contrast your angular features well for a classic appearance. If the tortoise appears too colourful, you might consider the alternative, less bright options of men’s eyeglasses frames.

We completely understand if a circular frame isn’t your thing. In such a situation, you’d want to choose a frame with a much straighter brow line instead. Browline glasses have a stronger top half while maintaining a rounder lower half.

Triangle Face

If you haven’t known it yet, triangular faces do exist! Your face can be triangular, oval, or square, making it more difficult to characterise this face shape.

However, this facial shape is flexible depending on your preferences and desired look. Your sharp chin and jaw will be softened and contrasted by round eyewear designs. This is a fantastic illustration of how to achieve balance with the frame of your glasses.

Heart Shape

Does your face have a heart shape? This face shape resembles an oval or triangle, but your “widow’s peak” hairline puts you more firmly in the heart face shape category.

This face shape is adaptable, so your taste and style will determine your eyewear decision. Glasses for such face types tend to be angular in their style. In addition, they’re also sleek and help create the perfect balance. 

Now You Know!

If you look at it, multiple aspects make men’s glasses unique! However, when you purchase a pair, it is always wise to select glasses depending on the face shape. Once you have your options, start your search with professionals like SmartBuyGlasses UK.

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