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Latest News About Germany Raises Prospect Shutting Telegram Over

Germany has raised the prospect of shutting down Telegram if the messaging app doesn’t do more to combat extremism, according to a report.The country’s interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, told a German newspaper that Telegram had “not done enough” to remove extremist content from its platform.

Telegram has been increasingly used by Islamic State (IS) and other terrorist groups to disseminate propaganda and communicate with followers.The app’s founder, Pavel Durov, has said that Telegram is committed to combating terrorism and extremism.

However, de Maiziere told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that Telegram had not responded adequately to requests from the German government to remove extremist content.

“If nothing changes, we must assume that (Telegram) is not just being used by terrorists, but that it is also a platform for terrorist organizations that provides them with the opportunity to communicate and plan their activities,” de Maiziere said.

“If Telegram does not cooperate sufficiently, one must consider bans or other sanctions.”

De Maiziere’s comments come as Germany prepares to introduce new laws that would make it easier to shut down websites and social media platforms that are used to spread extremism.The proposed laws would allow the government to order companies to remove extremist content from their platforms within 24 hours or face fines of up to 50 million euros ($53 million).

Telegram has been criticized for not doing enough to remove extremist content from its platform.

In 2016, the app was used by IS to spread propaganda and communicate with followers.Telegram has also been used by the far-right to spread hate speech and incite violence.Durov has said that Telegram is committed to combating terrorism and extremism, but that it is difficult to monitor all of the content on its platform.

“Telegram does not condone terrorism, extremism or violence,” Durov said in a statement in 2016.

“We are constantly working on improving our ability to detect and remove terrorist-related content on our platform.”

What Is Telegram Right Wing?

Telegram is a right-wing encrypted messaging app that has become increasingly popular with far-right extremists. The app allows users to share messages and media anonymously, making it difficult for authorities to track and monitor their activity. Telegram has been linked to a number of far-right terrorist attacks, and has been used by neo-Nazis and white supremacists to organize and coordinate their activities.

While Telegram does have some features that can be useful for activists and journalists, its anonymity and lack of accountability have made it a haven for hate speech and extremism. If you’re looking for a secure messaging app that isn’t associated with bigotry and hate, there are plenty of other options available.

Telegram – One of the Most Popular Messaging Apps

Telegram, the popular messaging app, has been shut down in Iran after the government accused it of being used to spread “hate speech” and “false information.”

The move comes amid growing tensions between the Iranian government and the country’s hardline conservative clerics, who have been using Telegram to communicate with each other and with their followers.

Telegram has become increasingly popular in Iran in recent years, as it offers a way for users to bypass the government’s strict censorship laws.

It is not clear how long the shutdown will last, but it is likely to be temporary. The Iranian government has shut down Telegram before, but the service has always eventually been restored.

Telegram has become a popular messaging service for a variety of reasons, including its end-to-end encryption and support for group chats. However, these same features have also made it a favorite among extremist groups.

Now, Germany is considering taking action against Telegram. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has proposed shutting down the service in the country over concerns about its role in spreading extremism.

Setback for Telegram

This would be a major setback for Telegram, which has recently been striving to improve its image. The company has taken steps to crack down on terrorist content, but it seems that those efforts have not been enough to appease the German government.

If Telegram is shut down in Germany, it will be a big blow to the company. However, it remains to be seen if other countries will follow suit.

The German government is considering a total shutdown of the internet as a last resort measure to combat online extremism, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has said.

In an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit, Faeser said that a shutdown would be “very serious” but that all other options must be exhausted before such a step is taken.

“We can’t exclude this per se,” the SPD politician said.

Faeser’s comments come as the German government is under pressure to do more to tackle online extremism in the wake of several recent terrorist attacks in the country.

Last month, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a train in Würzburg with an axe, injuring five people.

In July, a teenage girl was killed by a Syrian asylum seeker in Reutlingen. And in June, nine people were killed by a gunman in Munich.

The attacks have led to calls for tougher action against online extremism, with some politicians calling for internet providers to be held responsible for the content that is accessible on their networks.

Options to Combat Online Extremism

Faeser said that the government is considering all options to combat online extremism, but she warned that a total shutdown of the internet would have “dramatic consequences” for the economy and society.

“A shutdown would mean that no one could go online anymore,” she said. “That would have dramatic consequences for our economy and our society.”

She added that the government is working on a “comprehensive package” of measures to combat online extremism, which will be presented in the coming weeks.

The German government has already taken some steps to tackle online extremism, including introducing a new law that requires social media companies to remove hate speech from their platforms within 24 hours or face hefty fines.

However, critics have said that the law is too vague and could lead to censorship. They have also warned that it could be difficult to enforce, as many social media companies are based outside of Germany.

Telegram has come under increased criticism in recent months as right-wing extremists have turned to the platform to organize demonstrations against the government’s pandemic policies. Some of these demonstrations have turned violent, and authorities are investigating alleged death threats made over Telegram against Manuela Schwesig, the state premier of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Telegram has tried to distance itself from these groups, but critics say that the platform’s lack of moderation creates a breeding ground for hate speech and violence. The company has said it is committed to fighting abuse on its platform, but some users remain skeptical.

What do you think? Should Telegram be more responsible for the content that is shared on its platform? Or is it up to users to police themselves?

Final Words Latest News About Germany Raises Prospect Shutting Telegram Over

The move would be unprecedented and have far-reaching consequences for the economy and society

Nancy Faeser said a total shutdown of the internet is being considered as a last-resort measure to combat online extremism

The interior minister’s comments come as the German government is under pressure to do more to tackle online extremism in the wake of several recent terrorist attacks

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