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Get rid of your cracked heels and get a soft and smooth heel

Are you suffering from a cracked heel issue? Are you looking forward to obtaining an effective solution for heel cracks and other feet related conditions? Visit the best foot care clinics and massage your feet to get better results. Use the ideal medicines and treatments that suit your toes to obtain relief from heel cracks.

Do you know what causes heel cracks and cracked toes?

At the point when the skin around your toes becomes dehydrated and dense, it remains the first symptom to cause heel cracks. When you give excess pressure to your feet, it causes your toes and fingers to become dry and results in the formation of cracks. These cracks start to spread all over your toes when left unnoticed.

You are most likely to get this condition if you perform the following:
  • If you take hot showers with high-temperature water
  • If you wear flats and sandals without heels
  • If you live in cold environmental conditions, it causes skin dryness.
  • If your skin remains naturally dry, it causes cracks.
  • If you stand for prolonged periods, it pressurises the toes.
Home remedies for heel cracks
  • Moisturise your feet and soak them in lukewarm water to prevent the formation of cracked heels.
  • Relax your toes in foamy water for about half an hour.
  • Tenderly scour with a pumice stone to eliminate hard and tough skin in your toes.
  • Wash and dehydrate your toes without any moisture.
  • Moisturise your feet by applying a cream with petroleum ethers to dehydrate your feet.
  • Wear a set of soft and cushioning socks to keep the lotion in place.‌
  • Saturate your feet no less than two times every day.
  • You can purchase these creams and lotions with fixings that assist with eliminating the dead skin behind you or holding dampness.

Search for cosmetic items with fixings like:

  • Lactic acids
  • Hyaluronic acids
  • Jojoba oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Shea oils
  • Lotions and nourishing creams might work better compared to moisturisers.

Heel cracks might appear unattractive, yet they ordinarily don’t cause critical issues. Infrequently, seriously cracked heels can get contaminated and cause skin diseases called cellulitis. Regardless of the reason for your heel cracks, there are many ways to prevent the formation of heel cracks, cracked heels and toenail issues. It also includes the above home remedies. These insoles and shoe inserts can keep the fat cushion from extending sideways without causing damage to your heels.

When do you want to consult a doctor for heel cracks?

If you suffer from critical heel cracks that do not disappear with the home remedies, you should not fail to consult a doctor or a podiatrist.

The available medical treatments for cracked heels include,


They protect your feet and prevent external injuries. Bandages get put around your toes that do not cause any harm to the skin.

Shoe insoles

Pads inside your shoes offer better help by reallocating the load on your toes. These insoles and shoe inserts can keep the fat cushion from extending sideways without causing damage to your heels.


The doctor removes the dry and dense skin around your feet. Do not try to remove the skin on the toes yourself, and always seek medical help.

Physician endorsed prescriptions

Your primary care physician might give you medicine for a more grounded cream than you can purchase on your own in pharmacies. Original effectiveness creams contain many dynamic fixings like acids and urea.‌

Although heel cracks do not cause serious issues, it is essential to maintain toe hygiene and keep your feet clean. Do regular washing and give proper care to avoid the formation of cracks in heels.

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