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Grow your hair back with hair transplantation surgery

As we all know that in today’s era cosmetic or plastic surgery does body makeup in the modern era. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a type of surgery that is used to change the appearance of a person and get the attractive look they want. In certain situations, cosmetic surgery may be needed for functional reasons. For example, breast reduction is sometimes done to reduce back or neck pain. people feel that cosmetic surgery will help them to solve any problem in their life and make their life better. There are many different types of cosmetic surgery procedures and therefore you must know as much about them as possible before thinking about any procedure.

Can we get natural hair growth after hair transplantation surgery?

Yes, you can have natural hair growth after hair transplantation surgery. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair is removed from the back or side of the head, where it is thick, and transplanted into an area where there is none. Only professional doctors execute the procedure, which takes eight to ten weeks. Because some people don’t have much hair on their heads, doctors claim that their chest and beard hair can be transplanted to the head. However, it is common practice to transplant hair from the head to other parts of the body.

Results after hair transplantation surgery

According to doctors, the result of hair transplantation can be evident on the head after two weeks. New hair begins to grow in the affected area of baldness within two to three weeks. These are natural hairs that are the same color as any other hair. Small hairs appear in two to three weeks, eventually growing long and ending baldness. Its distinguishing feature is that, like other hairs, it grows firmly in the skin of the head and continues to grow from the head throughout one’s life.

Duration of hair transplant surgery

Hair transplantation is a five- to six-hour surgical procedure in which only a few hairs are grafted onto a person’s head. Fixed hair grafts are also performed in many sessions. Along with the anesthesia specialist, several equipment specialists are present in this procedure. If the person performing the hair transplant has a sickness, it is known ahead of time, and the hair transplant is performed accordingly.

Hair transplantation surgery in Ludhiana

If you want to raise your self-esteem which was low due to the loss of hair, then get it back with hair transplantation surgery in Ludhiana. In Ludhiana,,, there are experienced surgeons available who will perform your hair transplantation surgery.

You can discuss this procedure in detail with your surgeon. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to ask so that you are fully aware of what is involved in the process, how it will be done, what will be the results. And what are the implications. You can check the best clinics or hospitals in Ludhiana. So live confidently with hair transplantation surgery.

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