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10 Romantic Things To Do On Honeymoon In Dubai

Dubai, the metropolis of buildings and shopping malls, has made a great transition from a desert to a globally recognized city. Moreover, a honeymoon in Dubai is prevalent among newlyweds owing to its luxurious life, adventure activities, and attractive spots. So, tourists globally come to Dubai for their honeymoon and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. And, why shouldn’t they! After all, the “City of Gold” is among the best place, and you can find several things and places to visit in Dubai for your honeymoon.

Moreover, a honeymoon in Dubai is a grand affair. You need meticulous planning, a list of places, and a definite budget. If you are looking for a honeymoon in Dubai cost, note that it all depends on the places you will visit, the accommodation you choose, and the activities you select. Nevertheless, to get the best of Dubai packages for couples, Roaming Routes here is to assist you in making your sweet moments memorable and one of a kind.

Let’s check out the things to do in Dubai for your honeymoon.

Things To Do In Dubai For Honeymoon For A Great Romantic Experience

1. Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai

Explore the best of Dubai with a Dubai desert and one of the unique things to do in Dubai for a honeymoon. So you can start a safari that would feel like a desert roller coaster over the sand. So, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view with Arabic coffee or tea. You can enjoy the belly dance with Arabic tunes in the evening. With Arabic music and belly dance, taste the three-course barbeque dinner; these things combinedly will make your honeymoon so memorable.

2. Dhow Cruise and a Special Dinner

Dinner at dhow cruise

A honeymoon in Dubai is a meaningless Dhow cruise.

The Dhow floats through the water and on this you can enjoy the city’s beautiful view. Before returning to the pier, feast on a lavish global supper buffet. This pleasant trip lasts around two hours and is a must for couples. One of the most excellent options is to make a honeymoon special. Further, it is amongst the best honeymoon destinations in Dubai.

3. Dubai City Tour

Dubai city tour

Make a tour of all of Dubai’s renowned attractions. So, begin on Sheikh Zayed Road and visit the world’s largest tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa. Visit some of the city’s historic areas. So it includes the stunning palaces, museums, and the two-hundred-year-old Ai Fahidi fort.

4. Ski Dubai or The Famous Snow Park

Ski dubai

This ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort measuring 22,500 square metres, and the park is kept at a constant -1 to 2 ° C all year. It is situated in Dubai and is part of the Dubai mall, one of its biggest retail malls. Additionally, this is a couple’s best honeymoon place in Dubai for all these reasons.

5. Aquaventure with Lost Chambers at Atlantis

Enter the most renowned water park in Dubai, which combines excitement, action, and pleasure in its special way. Schedule your day because you may visit both places while enjoying the whole day on exciting and thrilling rides and with approximately 65,000 aquatic species at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dubai’s first underwater marine aquarium.

6. The Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi Ferrari world

Visit this to see the largest constructed space frame structure. Further, you can get the fastest roller coaster here, one of the best choices for travelers and a place for a honeymoon in Dubai.

7. The Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden

The miracle garden is famous as the world’s most enormous flower garden. The miracle garden is situated in the UAE and spreads over more than 72000 square metres. The different colours and unique flowers will attract you and become your first choice.

8. The Global Village

The Global Village combines cultures from 90 different countries in one place.

Further, it aspires to be the nation’s most prominent travel, leisure, shopping, and entertainment endeavour.

9. Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame is among the latest additions to the magnificent cityscape of Dubai. It is a 150-meter-tall structural monument in the city’s verdant Zabeel Park that gives excellent perspectives of Dubai and the surrounding gulf. Further, it was designed to resemble a huge picture frame. Additionally, the Dubai Frame is accessible to the public every day, and you can get an online ticket.

10. Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium of Dubai

Spend some time with the stunning and skilled species of the sea. Watch some dolphins talent at Dubai Dolphinarium and enjoy their amazing stunts. The dolphins and seals perform, sing, dance, jump through hoops and even perform their art which is thrilling and enjoyable.

So, if you are searching for what to do on your honeymoon in Dubai, this will be the best place. Watch the dolphin stunts and make them a part of your honeymoon destinations.

The Best Time To Visit Dubai For A Honeymoon

The Dubai city temperature will be high from May to August. So make your plan from October to March. In this period, the temperature will be okay to travel, and you can also travel to all the places like desert safari.

Final Say

Couples can choose to spend several days at a beachside resort and the rest of their vacation at a sophisticated urban hotel, giving them the feeling of having two holidays in one. Additionally, you can enjoy the desert safari, beach, fort, aquarium, and various shopping. Further, these will all make your moments memorable, and all are the best places to visit in Dubai. Additionally, choose luxury accommodation for a luxury Dubai honeymoon.

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