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How to make ICICI Credit card payment

There are different methods for making payments on the account of any credit card holder. Now you can ICICI Credit Card Payment, ICICI Bank Loan Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), or  any other online payment conveniently using various payment methods. There are multiple  payment options for both ICICI Bank savings account holders and non-ICICI Bank account  holders.  

So, this blog will talk about the payment methods for bills due on your ICICI credit card. 

Methods of payment of bills for ICICI Bank Account holders

Internet banking:  

This is one of the most common methods of payment of the bills. You can use the Internet banking portal of ICICI bank and log in to your ICICI bank account. Thereafter, you can pay your  bills using internet banking due for payment. 

Payment through QR codes:  

You can make the payments through a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system based on QR  codes. 

Payment using the iMobile Pay app: 

You can also make payments using the iMobile Pay app. Firstly, go to your iMobile Pay app  from ICICI Bank and then make the payment. 

Payment through ATMs: 

You can make payments at any ATM of ICICI Bank using your debit card. So, simply swipe  your card at any ICICI Bank ATM. Then click on the ‘More Options’ section and pay the  amount due on your credit card. 

Payment via the ‘Click to Pay’ option:  

You can now use the internet banking portal from ICICI Bank to pay your credit card bills  with the ‘Click to Pay’ option. 

To pay your bill, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Firstly, select your bank.  

You need to select your bank from the drop-down menu on the ICICI bank official website’s  ‘online credit card payment’ page. Then, choose the bank of which you would like to make the  payment for your icici credit card dues. 

Step 2: Secondly, provide your credit card details.  

You need to select the type of card you own. Next, type in the 15-digit number mentioned on  your credit card and the amount you wish to pay. The bank will redirect you to the bank’s  payment interface you selected.  

Step 3: Confirm the payment.  

Now you need to enter your credentials. The authentication detail can be your user  ID and password or any other equivalent detail to access internet banking. Next, confirm the payment. The bank will debit the amount from your account instantly.  

Step 4: Payment confirmation  

After successful completion of the transaction, you will receive a confirmation in a Transaction  Reference Number. 

Methods of payment of a bill for Non-ICICI Bank Account holders

Pay through NEFT option: 

You can make the payments due on your ICICI Bank Credit Card through National Electronic  Funds Transfer (NEFT). You can make these payments using internet banking linked with  accounts from other banks.  

Payment using the ‘Click to Pay’ option:  

You can use internet banking linked with accounts from other banks on your ICICI Bank  Credit Card. Your credit card will reflect your payment within three business days.  

Payment using the ‘Scan to Pay’ option:  

You can make the payments through a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system using QR  codes.  

Summing up:  

After reading this blog, you know the various methods of making online bill payments to both,  ICICI Bank savings account holders and non-ICICI Bank savings account holders. The ICICI  bank provides multiple credit card bill payment methods, so you don’t have to visit the branch.  

It also makes the whole process quite convenient and user friendly. After reading this blog, you  can now make a payment using the methods mentioned above to any bank’s savings account  holders.


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