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HVAC Companies in Pakistan & What to Look for When Buying a Wall AC Unit

The home environment is intolerable when the humidity increases and mercury increases, but HVAC Companies in Pakistan can save lives. You may have a central air conditioner. But if you need to cool only one area, cool the whole house. It can be expensive on some days, but it may require an additional cooling source in addition to the air conditioning for the entire home. Or you may be looking for a cooling option for a room without windows.

HVAC Companies in Pakistan may be the perfect solution for you! It facilities as Air Ventilation, cooling. And insulation and more services for maintaining the home environment with low electric cost. But can be mounted in a hole in the wall. It allows you to save window space to get fresh air and enjoy the outside scenery. It can be difficult to decide whether to buy a new unit. This blog summarizes the best air conditioners on the market and some important factors to consider when buying a new unit to make informed decisions.

What Should Considered When Choosing the Best HVAC Companies in Pakistan?

The following factors should be considered when buying a new air conditioner for your room:

1. Quantity of air conditioner

HVAC Companies in Pakistan choosing the right air conditioner size is very important for the area. The larger the unit, the more you need to switch it on and off. As a result, the room cools rapidly without properly removing moisture from the air, while smaller units try to adjust the temperature as need.

The best way to find the right air conditioner size is to size the room in square feet and match it with the cooling capacity of the air conditioner as measured by the HVAC Companies in Pakistan. Most air conditioners range from 8000 to 18,000. 8000 can cool 350 squares. 18,000 can cool 1,000 square feet. This air conditioner size chart will help you determine the optimal size for your room.

2. Intelligent control system

If you want to adjust the climate of the room automatically. When buying a wall unit, you need to look for smart features. You can also choose budget-friendly units with less functionality. Then pair it with a smart AC controller to provide smart features without damaging your bank.

With the smart AC controller, you can control all AC settings from your phone and make changes on the go. It can be pre-scheduled with a daily or weekly schedule. Therefore, there is no need to thoroughly control the climate of the house. Other features such as geopositioned, comfort mode, and voice commands also provide hands-free temperature control. In addition to convenience, the smart AC controller reduces unnecessary energy consumption and saves costs.

3. Installation location

HVAC Companies in Pakistan provide excellent cooling in ductless areas such as garages and backyard sheds. When choosing a location, make sure there is enough space outside for the air conditioner to draw air into the compressor.

4. Energy efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) defines the amount of cooling / heating provided by the unit for a particular amount of electrical energy. The higher the energy efficiency ratio (EER), the higher the unit efficiency. HVAC Companies in Pakistan are usually rated between 9 and 11.

Be sure to check the EER rating before purchasing a air conditioner in your room. It is printed on the energy guide label of each air conditioner. Provides all energy related information

Look for the Energy Star label in addition to your EER rating. This is a government-backed and reliable label for energy efficiency. Energy Star room air conditioners are 10% more efficient than other models and cost only $ 75 a year to use.

5. Your wall thickness

All HVAC Companies in Pakistan come with a metal casing that holds the unit in place. For proper mounting, the wall thickness must be greater than or equal to the bushing depth. Most sleeves fit walls up to 8 inches thick.

6. Sleeve type

Wall units can be fitted with either sliding units or the included fixed units. Detachable sleeves make unit maintenance and replacement easy. You can use the existing removable casing when replacing the equipment. But you have to buy it to fit your old casing.

7. Electrical requirements

Most HVAC Companies in Pakistan use standard 115V outlets. Some high power models require a 230V connection and require special wiring in the house.

8. Air conditioner noise level

This is because all the components are in one box. Therefore, it tends to be a little noisy compared to a small central air conditioner or a central air conditioner with an external compressor.

It produces about 50 decibels of noise, which is a small amount of traffic noise. Some units have an additional mute mode that produces only 30 decibels of sound. If you want to use the air conditioner in a nursery center or home office, select the one with the lowest decibel value.

9. Heating function

In addition to cooling, most wall units also have a heating option. In heating mode, these units absorb heat from the outside and send warm air inside. This eliminates the need for two separate heating and cooling units. It can be used to warm the room sufficiently in the warm winter. Or use it as an additional heat source in cold climates.

10. Special features

Make sure you need features such as sleep mode, fan-only mode, etc. to find the best in-wall AC unit. Touch control, volume control and remote control

  • Fan-only mode-circulates room air without a compressor. Save money
  • Sleep Mode-This feature is designed for a good night’s sleep and raises your body temperature all night to counteract the natural drop in body temperature. It also reduces compressor noise and does not interfere with sleep.
  • Dehumidification Mode-Turn on the fan slowly and turn on the compressor regularly to remove moisture from the room.
  • Timer function-You can set the air conditioner to turn on / off after a certain period of time. Most units have a 24-hour timer.
  • Antibacterial Air Filter-Helps prevent the growth of indoor air pollutants such as mold, bacteria, mold and other pollutants.
  • Digital Control-You can change the temperature setting of the LED display.
  • Adjustable vents-You can change the direction of airflow, such as up, down, and sideways. Some models have an automatic swing vent that continuously moves cold air throughout the room.

11. The beauty of the room

If you are worried that the wall unit may not match the decoration of your room. HVAC Companies in Pakistan can try other methods. For example, to hide the air conditioner, try putting it in a closet or decorative box when not in use. 

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