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Importance of Custom Pre Roll Packaging for Pre Rolls

Custom Pre Roll packaging makes your product looks fancy

Pre-rolls are a type of ready-made cannabis rolls or cigarettes sold in packaging. Due to ease of use properties, the pre-rolls are hugely popular among people and are consumed in large numbers. For such a product we need a special kind of packaging. Custom pre roll boxes are used for storing pre-rolls. The packaging is strong and reliable. CustomBoxesZone is now offering different types of custom pre-roll boxes to cater to your needs. They are the leading packaging solution providers in the country. CustomBoxesZone boxes are famous for their durability and reliability. Their custom pre-roll packaging comes with a lot of benefits that we are going to cover in this article.

How Custom Pre Roll Packaging is Made

The manufacturing and assembly process in CustomBoxesZone is a tale of professionalism. All our packaging is made with utmost care and love. Our custom pre-roll packaging is made from materials of high quality. We use Kraft boxes, cardstock boxes, corrugated boxes, and cardboard boxes for our packaging and each has its own applications. The Vape Cartridge Boxes are most widely used around the world due to their flexibility. The custom cardboard pre-roll boxes are most favored by businesses since they can be stylized in any shape and color.

Custom pre-roll packaging built with cardboard material can have the following box designs:

  • Display Boxes: the window-cut display boxes are most widely used for pre-rolls since they can showcase them in a unique way. The window cut is made in the center of the box and covered with transparent plastic to give a visual of the product inside.
  • Tray Boxes: tray box packaging is used to provide a different experience to users. They can open the box by sliding the tray out and taking the pre-roll while sliding it back inside.
  • Lid Boxes: these are the traditionally styled boxes with a lid on top or side which can be opened to take the product out. They provide easy access for buyers.

Cardboard material is also flexible for coloring and printing since it can accommodate every type of color or printing on its material. Hence cardboard is the preferred choice for custom pre-roll packaging.

You can Enhance the Beauty with Professional Coatings

We provide you with further coating and wrapping options to enhance the packaging’s beauty. Custom pre-roll boxes can use gold or silver coatings to give a royal experience to their customers. You can also add the following coatings for a professional touch:

  • Gloss finish: shiny and bright colored coating with dustproof, dirt proof, and fingerprint-proof properties.
  • Matte finish: a simple and bold coating that gives a solid touch to your packaging.
  • Soft-Touch Matte finish: simple matte with an extra soft touch that is loved by the customers.
  • Satin finish: a type of coating which is a combination of gloss and matte finish.
  • UV Spot finishes: a type of coating applied to certain parts of the packaging to enhance their quality. It gives a professional vibe to buyers.

The coating is very important for the custom pre-roll packaging. It not only impacts the looks but also protects the packaging for longer periods of time. Companies around the world use wrapping and coatings to enhance the lifetime of their packaging.

Colors & Patterns on a Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

Custom pre-roll boxes offered by CustomBoxesZone come in various shapes and sizes. Due to the flexible material used they can make use of many available premium color tones and patterns. You can use professional colors matching the brand and its product. The quality is enhanced if you use a color that compliments both the brand color and the product’s color. You can also use trendy patterns on your custom pre-roll packaging to amuse your customers.

When it comes to packaging the most important thing to consider is the brand image. Our custom pre-roll boxes enhance your brand image and exposure by printing the logo on the packaging and your brand name. It helps in memorizing it in customers’ minds so they remember your business and its quality. If a buyer uses your product and likes the quality, they will remember the name from the packaging, and the next time they spot a product on the shelves from your brand they are most likely to buy it.

Lovely Decorations and Add-Ons

We offer a wide range of decorations and add-ons for the custom pre-roll packaging. To make our packaging more desired, we used trendy add-ons to attract buyers. Some of the popular decorations for the custom pre-roll boxes include ribbons, chains, stripes, mini-figures, toys, and embroidery. These add-ons play an important role when it comes to theme designing. For example, on Christmas Eve, our gift packaging includes ribbons wrapped around the packaging as well as a mini Santa figurine. It arises a curiosity in the customers and compels them to try our product and make a purchase. Hence our packaging boxes are specially tailored keeping in mind the seller’s requirements and their customer’s needs. CustomBoxesZone offered custom pre-roll packaging that is most loved around the world and you can learn more about them by exploring our site.

Contact our 24/7 Vigilant Customer Service

Ensuring to deliver the high-quality material with guaranteed quality assurance, additionally, we offer what you are looking for. So don’t worry about explaining your requirements we are here to listen to you carefully. And will surely give into your hands the aesthetic piece of box that you were looking out for. You can see the positive reviews that are all our earning of customer’s heart winning not more than that. We seek the customer’s satisfaction and work according to their desire. Our motto is customers’ expectations into a reality. So we do that. You can meet us or call us any time. Our vigilant staff is in your service 24/7. Whatever you want to ask we will answer your queries in less than a second.

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