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Keep Your Dumpster Clean and Pest Free

Sometimes, animals such as bears and raccoons or mice and maggots will live in your Dumpster. It happens when you have a lot of trash and debris around. It is hard to stop these animals from getting into your Dumpster, but there are some things you can do to try.

Place the Dumpster in the Right Location

Try to put your Dumpster 50 feet away from your home or office. It will stop any pests from coming close to your house, and it will also prevent any bad smells from getting too close to where you live or work.

It is always good to place your dumpster rental on concrete, such as a parking lot, driveway, or slab. If you put it in the grass, rodents might build nests there. You don’t want rats running around near you when throwing something away. Putting the Dumpster on concrete also helps keep you and your environment safe. If anything leaks from the Dumpster, it won’t contaminate groundwater. The street is an excellent place to put the Dumpster if you don’t have a driveway or slab.

Try to Get rid of Food Debris.

Pests are looking for their next meal. That is why they assemble near dumpsters or garbage cans. If you throw away a McDonald’s bag, that might attract a lot of animals and insects. When food rots, it creates a bad smell. The foul smell attracts flies, which lay eggs in the food. Larvae hatch from the eggs, and they are gross. The scent also draws more giant animals, like raccoons, foxes, and bears. 

Raccoons are curious animals and can get into places you would never expect them to be. They can also be very aggressive when they feel threatened. The best way to avoid any raccoons problems and keep your property clean and free of animal waste is to make sure that you do not put any food waste in your dumpster rental.

Always cover your Dumpster.

You can keep pests out of your Dumpster by sealing the top. You can do this by using the lid that came with the Dumpster or buying a tarp and bungee cords from a local hardware store to do the job. It will also keep out wildlife and lousy weather.

Keep your Dumpster Clean

If you want to avoid pest infestation, you should keep your Dumpster clean. Your local dumpster rental company will automatically clean their equipment between clients. However, make sure that the inside is clean and not full of junk or debris when your Dumpster is delivered. If it is, ask them for a clean container or for them to take the proper actions to clean yours, so it doesn’t attract critters. Your Dumpster should always be empty, clean, and ready to use. A dumpster rental service with dirty dumpsters is not one you should be using.

Sometimes there is food waste in the garbage outside of businesses or restaurants. It can cause a build-up of nasty, rotting debris. To avoid this, use a hose to clean it out after emptying it. You can also hire professional dumpster cleaning companies to come and freshen it up for you at specific intervals.

Make your Dumpster Odor – Free

Dumpsters can sometimes smell bad. It happens when they have a lot of different smells together. It can attract bugs and other creatures. Rats are attracted to smells and can find their way to the Dumpster because of them. You can buy a deodorizer to put in the Dumpster, which smells better. It will stop the rats from coming, and it will also smell better for you and your employees.

Use repellents

One way to keep animals from living in your dumpsters is to use repellents. Please do not use anything poisonous or harmful to the animals because it can hurt them or kill them. A standard solution is ammonia and water, which isn’t dangerous if you mix it correctly. If you have an invasion of rabbits or skunks, you can spray fox or coyote urine around the Dumpster to scare them away.

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