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Lahore’s Best Hotels in 2022

Lahore is an enthralling metropolis, and it is by far my favorite urban hub in Pakistan. There’s a little bit of everything here: incredible food, historical landmarks, magnificent old mosques, horrible traffic, and bustling local markets. You know, all the things that make a huge South Asian metropolis appealing.

The only disadvantage? It is EXHAUSTING to explore Lahore. That is why you require an excellent place to stay.

I’ve been in hundreds of hotels in the city over the years, and this is my definitive list of the best hotels in Lahore. From gap-year travellers to gold-clad sultans, there is a hotel on our list for every style of traveler.

Hotel Tourist Inn

The Tourist Inn is a good choice for the general tourist trying to find a mix between comfort and price. When I lead tours in Pakistan, here is where my clients stay when they arrive in Lahore.

You may also stroll to attractions like the Lahore Museum and the Anarkali Bazaar because of its excellent position along Mall Road, which has numerous shops and eateries. Breakfast isn’t included, but it’s only a few dollars extra and you may choose between a continental or buffet selection.

Even while there is a restaurant on site (breakfast), you’re so close to some of Lahore’s greatest markets and food districts that I’d highly recommend sampling the local specialties nonetheless. The Tourist Inn, like any of the greatest hotels in Lahore, features air-conditioned rooms where you can escape the city’s oppressive heat and humidity.

Continental Pearl

If a relaxing sauna at the end of the day appeals to you, selecting luxury accommodation in Lahore, such as the Pearl Continental, is the way to go. The location is also superb, situated near to Bagh-e-Jinnah, one of the city’s most popular parks.

For shorter vacations or excursions to Pakistan, I’d prefer the Pearl Continental. It misses some of the local character of other hotels in Lahore, but it’s excellent for comfort and service.

During your stay, you’ll have access to breakfast and airport transportation, as well as a variety of on-site restaurants serving anything from Mongolian to Italian food. Of course, air conditioning is provided, and there is a large outdoor pool to cool off in on hot afternoons. Check out this: Smash Burger Presses Reviews 2022

Lahore Backpackers Hostel

If you’re looking for incredibly cheap accommodation in Lahore, or if you just like the backpacking hostel ambiance, the Backpackers Hostel is a good option. But I should warn you not to expect too much from this facility – regrettably, dorm rooms do not all have air conditioning (only some of the private rooms do), which can make it very uncomfortable to attempt to sleep in the sweltering heat of Lahore.

However, if you really need to stretch your cash, Lahore Backpackers does provide a common kitchen to keep costs even lower. It’s in Block J, close to the Gaddafi Stadium and the Pace Shopping Mall, but some of the biggest attractions, such as Bagh-e-Jinnah and the Anarkali Bazar, are a little further away.

Staying here is nearly a requirement for first-time backpackers visiting Pakistan, so if you want to be a part of that legacy, stay here!

The Nine Tree Luxury Hotel & Suites

Because of Nine Tree’s expertise and cleanliness, your honeymoon vacation might have an added touch of romance and luxury. It’s one of the top four-star hotels in Lahore, offering not only travel essentials like a free airport shuttle and breakfast, but also a wonderful fitness facility and a fridge and coffee maker in each room.

To go to some of Lahore’s greatest cultural treasures within the Walled City, you’ll need to ride a rickshaw or Careem, although other attractions like the Vogue Towers and Pace Shopping Mall are nearby. Many of the spacious rooms at Nine Tree offer a nice outlook, and air conditioning is standard.

Royaute Luxury Suites

The Royaute Luxury Suites is one of the top selections for hotels in Lahore for that extra romantic touch during a trip to Pakistan. The location is excellent, and it is only a two-minute walk from M.M. Alam Road, which is known for its premium restaurants, retail centers, and theatres.

The combination of service and style elevates it to one of the greatest four-star hotels in Lahore, especially given the reasonable pricing. Royaute also permits unmarried couples to remain, which is more difficult to locate in Lahore and Pakistan in general.

Given the flexibility this provides, as well as the benefits of having an onsite restaurant, an airport shuttle, and domestic comforts like a kitchenette for more autonomy, it’s no surprise that the Royaute has earned a spot on this list of Lahore’s best hotels.

Apartments at Hayyat Luxury Hotel

It can be difficult to sift among the alternatives for family-friendly hotels in Lahore. For families, I’d recommend the Hayyat Apartments because they provide an excellent balance of hotel conveniences and home comforts.

It’s also adjacent to several of Lahore’s best parks, including Bagh-e-Jinnah and Jilani Park, both of which are great for family outings. In addition, there is a children’s playground on-site where youngsters can let off steam at the conclusion of the day.

The hotel’s “apartment” style features include a sitting room and kitchenette, but traditional hotel services like breakfast service and an onsite restaurant solidify the Hayyat’s position as one of the top hotels in Lahore for families.

The Grand Enclave

Arriving late from a flight or preparing for an early departure are ten times more difficult when your lodging is an hour’s drive from the airport. Lahore is not a small city, and with clogged city traffic, it’s sometimes advisable to stay near the airport.

Grand Enclave isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s also not the most expensive, and it’s ideal for lone travelers, couples, or families who want to be close to the airport. In addition, Grand Enclave provides a free shuttle service, making transportation even easier.

Most of the city’s major cultural sites and parks are located further afield, so if you need to stay in Lahore for an extended amount of time, consider staying at the Grand Enclave only for arrival or departure and finding a more centrally placed hotel for the remainder of your trip.

Grand Hotel Luxus

The Luxus Grand is another excellent luxury hotel in Lahore. Trust the name and know that everything at this hotel, including the view, is done on a huge scale! You can choose a room with a view of the enormous onsite swimming pool or one with a view of the city, which may include certain landmarks.

A beautiful view isn’t the only thing that awaits you when you arrive. The Luxus Grand additionally gives complementary fruit baskets and water bottles, as well as comfortable bathrobes.

The Alhamra Art Center is almost next door, while cultural attractions such as Bagh-e-Jinnah and the Allama Iqbal Museum are only a short distance away. Back on-site, you can utilize the fitness facility, request room service, or dine at the restaurant’s buffet or à la carte menu. Click here for Hotel Booking in Lahore.

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