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What are the Rajasthan Travel Guidelines for 2022 Pandemic Era

Rajasthan is the golden land situated in the Northern region of India. This golden region is full of fascinating places and things to do. But due to the pandemic Era, the tourist was bounded by the Rajasthan travel guidelines and was unable to visit Rajasthan. Since now the pandemic is at its last stage, and the government has updated its travel guidelines easing most of the restrictions. So, now the travelers can easily land in Rajasthan following some basic minimum rules written in the guidelines, which we will be discussing further.

Also, along with the travel guidelines, you will require the best travel agency, such as LIH travels, to ensure your safety and full enjoyment in Rajasthan. So, make sure that you book the Rajasthan Tour package from LIH travels. With these packages, you will be able to enjoy most of the things and explore the Golden state properly.

Rajasthan Travel Guidelines

The latest travel guidelines for Rajasthan tourism were released on 11th January 2022 by the Rajasthan government that stated Covid -ve certificate still will be mandatory. The guidelines said that the E-pass is no more required. Among other significant guidelines, some are as follows.

Health Screening

Under the health screening section written in the Rajasthan travel Guidelines, the state has announced the full-day curfew on Sunday. So, all the monuments, shopping, sightseeing, Zoos, etc., remain close in Rajasthan today. Also, the tourist traveling must have their negative RT-PCR report, which has to be issued within 72 hours from arrival. Or instead of this, they also can have their last dose vaccination certificate. If the tourists have got their vaccination certificates for both doses, they can travel without the RT-PCR results. If the travelers have not administered any of the vaccine doses, their RT-PCR test will be conducted on arrival, and till the reposts get negative, they need to remain quarantined. Along with these all, a daily night curfew from 22:00 to 5:00 will have prevailed.

Quarantine Guidelines for Domestic Passengers

The international passengers need to complete an institutional Quarantine of 7 days with seven days of home quarantine. If any international passengers seem to be symptomatic, they need to be isolated and taken to the nearest health facility.

Exemptions From the Institutional Quarantine

The passengers can get exemption from the Institutional Quarantine only in some severe conditions such as compelling cases of human distress like pregnancy, health in the family, or any severe illness and parents who have a child below ten years. The traveler needs to apply on the online portal at least 72 hours before boarding the flight to get the exemption. Whatever the government will give, the decision will be final.

If the travelers are submitting a negative RT-PCR report on their arrival, then in that case, also they get exemption from Institutional Quarantine. But the report that you submitted must have been conducted 72 hours early taking the flight. These test reports can be uploaded to the online portal, and the passenger’s declaration states its authenticity. And in any case, if the report is false, the passenger will bear the criminal prosecution. The passenger can also submit the same report on their arrival in India at the entry point.

Passengers Obligation for International Passengers

Passengers must submit the self-declaration form on the online portal at least 72 hours before the scheduled travel. Also, the passengers must compulsorily give an undertaking on the portal stating that they will undergo the mandatory quarantine for 14 days, including seven days of Institutional Quarantine and seven days of home isolation.

Operation Status For Tourism

As per the Rajasthan travel guidelines, the hotels are open for tourism. The monuments in Rajasthan are also available from 9:00 to 16:30 hours all day. Zone no. 6 to 10, along with Ranthambore, is open. But the light and the sound show of Amber Fort is still not available.

Hence, these were some of the significant travel guidelines for Rajasthan. This also signifies that the government is ensuring the proper health of all travelers. So, the passengers must read these guidelines before their arrival and abide by them.

Things To Enjoy in Rajasthan

Even in the Pandemic Era, there are several things that passengers can enjoy with some care and precautions. Since all the markets and colorful Bazaars are open, tourists can go for authentic Rajsthani shopping. All the Forts and Palaces are now open, so the travelers can visit and feel the historic architecture. Adventurous places such as Ranthambore are also open by now, so you can try out a jeep Safari while exploring wildlife. Next on the list should be the hot air balloon Ride. The top view of Rajasthan is something that no one wants to miss in their life. So, do not miss the chance and opt for a Hot air balloon ride.

Now, coming to the delicious cuisine of Rajasthan. The best place to enjoy the most authentic Rajasthani food and folk songs is Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur. Or you can also dine out in Rial heritage palaces for an authentic Rajasthani feel. Next on the list, add the Desert Safari and Desert Camping in the Thar.


Therefore, we discussed the major travel guidelines that travelers need to consider whenever they visit Rajasthan. After the Pandemic Era, the state and central governments have curbed many restrictions, but minimum limits are still there since the threat is not all gone. So, travelers are highly requested to book a package from the travel agency that will show you the best sights of Rajasthan tourism and follow up on all the travel guidelines set by the government. For the same reason, no other travel agency can beat LIH travels as it is the most reliable and diverse travel agency one can fully trust.

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