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Scrap Babu – Latest Updates about Sharif’s Controversy

Sharif, who is contesting from the Bengaluru Central constituency, has declared movable assets worth Rs 1,691 crore and immovable assets valued at Rs 52 crore.

Sharif’s candidature had stirred up a controversy with the Opposition BJP slamming the Congress for fielding a “corrupt” candidate.

However, Sharif has denied all charges of corruption leveled against him and has said that he is ready to face any probe.

Sharif’s rise to riches is indeed an inspiring story. He was born into a poor family in Bengaluru and started working at a young age to support his family. He eventually went on to become a successful businessman.

Sharif’s business interests include real estate, mining, construction, and hospitality. He is also the owner of a popular media outlet in Bengaluru.

Sharif’s assets make him the richest politician in Karnataka, surpassing even former Chief Minister S.M. Krishna, who had declared assets worth Rs 1,59 crore during his tenure.

This is not the first time that Sharif has made headlines for his wealth. In 2017, he made headlines when he bought a luxurious bungalow in Bengaluru for Rs 100 crore.

Sharif’s entry into politics is being seen as an extension of his business interests. His rival candidate in the upcoming election is BJP leader Prakash Shetty. It remains to be seen if Sharif’s wealth will be able to help him win the election.

About Scrap Babu was very upset.

“What’s wrong, Scrap Babu?” inquired his friend, Dumpa.

“I’m just so tired of being thrown away,” Scrap Babu replied. “It seems like every day, I’m thrown into the trash can or left on the side of the road. People just don’t want me anymore.”

“That’s too bad,” said Dumpa. “But you know, there are other people in the world who would love to have you. Maybe one day you’ll find a home with someone who will appreciate you.”

Scrap Babu felt a little better after hearing his friend’s words of encouragement. Dumpa was right – he shouldn’t give up hope. Maybe one day he would find a place to call home. until then, he would just have to keep on being the best Scrap Babu he could be!

A native of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), Sharif also goes by the monikers Gujri Babu and Scrap Babu as he was earlier in the business of selling scrap, before making a foray into real estate

Shariff, 54, a resident of Millers Tank Bund Road, is the Congress’ candidate from the Bengaluru local authorities’ seat in the Legislative Council, for which election is scheduled on December 10. Few in the party knew about his candidature until it was made official

Shariff has been active in politics for over two decades now. He first contested the Assembly elections from KGF in 1999 but lost. He then went on to contest the Karnataka Municipal Elections in 2000 and became a counselor. In 2005, he contested the Assembly elections again from KGF, and this time, he won. He became an MLA for the first time. He was re-elected in 2008 but lost the 2013 elections. He then contested the Bengaluru City Corporation elections in 2015 and won. Sharif has also served as the chairman of the Karnataka Housing Board.”

Legal Challenges

Sharif is currently facing several legal challenges, including tax evasion and criminal charges. However, he insists that he is innocent and has appealed the decisions against him. He remains defiant in the face of these challenges, vowing to continue fighting for his innocence.

Sharif is a wealthy man, owning several luxury items including a Rolls Royce and two Fortuners. Despite his current legal troubles, Sharif continues to live a life of luxury and privilege.

Sharif Is Not an Active Party Man

Sharif is not an active party man, according to one Congress MLA from Bengaluru. “In fact, we were surprised that the party chose him for the Legislative Council election,” the MLA said, adding that Sharif was picked by Karnataka Congress president DK Shivakumar and senior leader Ramalinga Reddy.

Sharif has not been active in the party for some time, and his selection came as a surprise to many. However, Shivakumar and Reddy felt that Sharif’s experience and knowledge would be an asset to the party.

Sharif is a well-known figure in the Muslim community, and his addition to the Karnataka Congress will help the party reach out to this important voting bloc. His appointment is also seen as a way to appease Muslims after the recent violence in Bengaluru.

Sharif had bagged a scrap contract with the Indian Railways when CK Jaffer Sharief was the Railways Minister, according to party sources. The contract was said to be worth crores of rupees.

Sharif is believed to have close ties with the Congress party and its leaders. He is also said to be close to Union Ministers P Chidambaram and Sushilkumar Shinde.

The Congress party, however, has distanced itself from Sharif, saying that he is not associated with the party in any way.

Sharif has been arrested in connection with a case of alleged cheating and forgery. He will be produced in court today.

Final Words

Sharif is a controversial figure, and his selection as a candidate for the Karnataka Legislative Council elections has raised eyebrows. His wealth, connections, and legal troubles make him a risky choice for the Congress party. Only time will tell if Sharif’s gamble will pay off.

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