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Despite the pandemic, developed countries are open to international students. Everything has become a little more complicated, but right now there are new opportunities. We are monitoring the situation daily. And now we hasten to share the good news. We tell you where it is safe to study and plan your professional future today.

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Option number one in Cyprus. The country invites everyone to study. There are tempting summer programs. Here and recreation for children, English courses, comfortable living conditions, and all kinds of sports clubs. Again, before the trip you need:

  • undergo a PCR laboratory test within 72 hours before departure and submit a negative test result
  • undergo a laboratory test upon arrival in the Republic of Cyprus.

Expenses for the examination will have to be paid by yourself. It is also necessary to wait for the test results in self-isolation mode.

The second country worth paying attention to is the Czech Republic. Our partners offer the most flexible programs and are ready to adapt to your wishes. Family courses for parents and children are especially popular this year. Educational summer holidays for 16 days are already available today. The program is valid from July 1 to August 1. The cost is only 950 euros.

The course program

The course program is optimized for the needs of adults who want to improve their foreign language skills and at the same time improve their health. Every evening there is a special entertainment program at your service: excursions in Old Prague, a romantic dinner on a pleasure boat on the waters of the Ltava, family holidays in the water park, tasting at the Staropramen brewery and Karlovy Vary spas, and, of course, shopping. An excursion to Charles University will allow you to see live the benefits of higher education in the Czech Republic.

Children with technical talents 

Children with technical talents will enjoy an educational trip to the Skoda car factory, and the pavilions of the Barrandov film studio. For future entrepreneurs, a playful business presentation will be arranged, and adults will read an exciting, but quite serious lecture about the Czech real estate market. At the very end, a surprise event from the head of the school, our partner, awaits you.

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We have prepared everything to make your studies as productive and safe as possible. Therefore, the program includes transfers, Russian-speaking curators, accommodation, meals, entertainment, public transport tickets, and much more. Parents can live together with children, or separately.

Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK continues to offer huge benefits. However, Johnson’s current cabinet has developed strict admission rules – the so-called traffic light. For example, citizens of the Green Zone countries are allowed without additional isolation. However, they will still have to pass tests for Covid-19 on an equal basis with the rest. Visitors from the Orange Zone countries are subject to self-isolation rules. Ukraine is included in the third, Red zone. This means that our children are only admitted to secondary and higher levels of academic education.

The USA today

The USA today is a real Klondike for international students. Due to the pandemic, there is an acute shortage of students – up to 47%. That is why the federal government is trying to revive education by attracting talent from abroad at the expense of the budget. Now it is quite realistic to get scholarships in schools that cover 30-50% of the cost of education. 

Thus, this year opens a unique window of opportunity for children from Ukraine. Also, there is a loyalty program for those foreigners who have official employment and at the same time study language courses. According to this scheme, many of our citizens successfully enroll in undergraduate programs at prestigious American universities. You can learn more about enrollment programs during the pandemic on our website.

Germany is currently closed to visitors

Germany is currently closed to visitors. Strict self-isolation rules are in place, and German vigilance has already become the subject of true anecdotes. Recently, a police server in Berlin collapsed from an excess of complaints about quarantine violators. We recommend considering Germany and Austria only for long-term academic study. All popular language courses are available remotely, online.

Very interesting proposals are given by the Netherlands. There is no state of emergency, but schools, museums, and libraries are still closed. Unlike other EU countries, conditions are loyal to foreigners. The deadline for accepting documents for training courses has been extended until mid-June. The admission rules are quite simple. 

You just need to have an IELTS test on hand, passed on 5.5, which is automatically counted. Accordingly, after a year of preparation, children enter universities without any problems and plan life in the Kingdom with optimism. In general, it is the Netherlands that demonstrates a stable and predictable environment for international students, including those from Ukraine.

Remember, Covid-19 should not come between your children and their desire to develop. We are always open for consultations. Any day we will help you change direction or help with the preparation of a training program according to your desires.

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