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The Explanation of an EICR Certificate Cost

The average cost of EICR Certificate Cost starts at £ 125 for a one bedroom apartment. A five-bedroom single-family home, on the other hand, can cost more than £ 300.

What is include in the cost of the EICR Certificate Cost?

The EICR Certificate Cost quote above includes the cost of hiring a competent electrician to inspect all appliances in your home. This is record in the Electrical Equipment Status Report (EICR). If everything works safely and in accordance with electrical regulations. You will receive an EICR safety certificate for your records.

Are the EICR Certificate Cost for homeowners different?

If you own it you need to make sure that the receptacles, lighting switches, wires, and consumer panels are safe. The Electrical Safety Council also recommends that you produce an electrical installation condition report every five years or every time your tenant changes. (Whichever comes first)

The owner’s electrical safety report is a technical report. However, they are commonly refer to as certificates. Typical costs are £ 100 to £ 230 for an apartment and £ 150 to £ 300 for a home, depending on the size and condition of the wire.


Reporting in an old house may be more expensive. Especially if you have old wires. This can lead to numerous malfunctions and delays in the process. These prices are based on homes with up to 10 fuse panels. This is the price most residential real estate has.

Labor costs and time frame

Now let’s look at the labor costs and timeframes for EICR Certificate Cost. To obtain a statutory EICR Certification You must be assign a qualified electrician to perform electrical installation status reports.

How much does an electrician cost to get an EICR Certificate Cost?

For an average of 2-4 hours of work, you should expect to pay £ 125-300 per day. Larger properties can be more expensive and can take up to a day. Especially old features that have old wires and require longer inspection.

What does an EICR Certificate Cost mean?

To obtain an EICR North London, a complete electrical report must be produce by a qualified electrician who tests all electrical installations in the home. During inspection A power failure may occur during circuit testing. The electrician will probably tell you in advance.

Many questions may be ask, such as when the electrical system was install. Or did you notice an electrical problem? You should answer as honestly as possible. Because it helps speed up the process.

What is include in the electrical inspection report?

  • Check the grounding and connection status.
  • Test the fuse panel or consumer unit to see if it needs to be replace.
  • Test the wall outlets and switches to make sure they work properly. There is no risk of electric shock or electric shock.
  • Check the Arc Fault Circuit Breaker (AFCI) to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Look for wear, crevices, or damage to equipment around your home to prevent future problems.
  • Check the type of wire use for old wires such as lead, cloth and black rubber. The PVC insulator needs to be replace.
  • Tests expansion joints use in external electrical equipment.
  • Check the luminaires to make sure they are safe and functioning properly.
  • Look for significant changes in the use of buildings that require upgrades.
  • Prepare a final report on whether the electrical equipment is sufficient. Defining unemployment or dissatisfaction This means that you need to perform work for a property to be consider safe.

Can I fill out the EICR Certification myself?

Unfortunately, when it comes to electrical projects, there is no budget DIY solution. In fact, hiring a professional electrician who can prove your job may be the cheapest option. You also need to appoint EICR Certificate Cost who can prove yourself to the authorities’ project without contacting a private building inspector or a representative of the local council.

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