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The New Year’s Delicacies that go Around the Globe

1st of January, also the first day of the new year, this day is special for people around the world. Because this day brings a new year with it, it also brings new hopes, inspirations, a lot of new motivation, and a will to make your dreams come true and work towards your goals.

New Year’s Delicacies

This day is special also because the vibes of millions of happy hearts cheer at the same time, with the same intensity, and with the same happiness; imagine the amount of positivity it generates. It’s one of those days that each person celebrates, culture, cast, and continent.

Though everyone has their way of celebrating the new year, the basic thought behind all those celebrations and festivities is the same. Millions join hands and pray for a good year, millions of lips utter wishes to each other, millions of pairs of arms embrace other pairs of arms, and millions of hearts dance with joy to celebrate the very beginning of the new year.

People organize parties, organize trips, go shopping to make sure they are in the best of their attires as soon as the clock strikes noon, many order a happy new year cake, many get flowers to greet others.

New Year’s Delicacies that go Around the Globe

Many order their favorite food, people come up with so many ideas to celebrate their new year in the unique way possible for them. People start planning their new year celebration two months before the actual day. There is so much excitement and enthusiasm in the people when it’s the new year. 

Be it online flower delivery in navi Mumbai, online gift delivery in Miami, online decoration services in Manhattan, there are a lot of options to celebrate, but no matter how fancy the celebrations get, there are a few traditional things that have been followed by the entire world in some way or the other, till now. One of them is the delicacies going around the globe, especially on this wonderful day. 

Buttered Bread:

The concept of buttered bread was started by the Irish people. They would leave buttered bread on their doorsteps for the homeless poor people and children as a treat to them on the wonderful occasion of the new year. Though this tradition is still followed in Ireland to date, many countries have started doing the same. A new year calls for a celebration for anyone and everyone, and this is one of the noblest ways ever. You can do it too if you don’t do it already.

Soba Noodles:

The concept of having the Toshi Koshi soba noodles at midnight on new year’s eve comes from the Japanese people. The length of the noodles signifies long life, and they have a rule according to which you are not allowed to cut the noodles. You have to slurp them in every bite. This is a fun tradition that families and friends have been doing in Japan for ages, and you can try to do something like this too, as it would be a great way of enjoying family time. Many countries have started doing with the recipe of their choice, according to their taste. 

Rice Pudding:

The serving of rice pudding is another fun way for a family to get together for the new year in Sweden and Norway. The Swedish and Norwegians hide one almond in the entire platter of the rice pudding. They believe that whosoever will get that almond randomly on their plate will have an abundance of prosperity in the coming year. Many other countries later took on this practice, and the others used the same concept, modified it according to them, and enjoyed themselves while having food to give a full-of-laughter start to their new year. 


Lentils are a part of daily food in many countries, but for the Italians, it’s more special because it is part of their new year’s celebrations. They believe that lentils look like coins, their round shape represents god fortune, and eating lentils on new year’s eve would bring them prosperity throughout the year. This tradition practiced in Italy is followed by many other cultures and countries.

Conclusion | New Year’s Delicacies

There are innumerable traditions followed on the new year in different cultures and countries, the other countries borrow it and practice it with their twist. Be it food-related, decoration-related, or festivity-related, these traditions are what bind the world and make it look like one, especially when it’s the new year.

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