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Things You Ought To Know About Hair Transplant Transgender

Hair transplant surgery helps to trigger the appearance of your hairline, and it also adds volume to thinning sites of your scalp. The surgery is also used to change a gender-specific look during gender reassignment. As a part of changing, you may want to reshape and adjust the hairline. Keep reading to learn more on this topic.

What is hair Transplant Transgender?

The hair transplant transgender person is a transplantation design with a transition in mind. The doctor uses the FUE technique to help restore a full and natural head for transitioning from one gender to another. This procedure can help reduce gender dysphoria that has to do with hairlines and foreheads.

Male to Female Hair Transplant

If you are transitioning from female to male, the female hormones tend to change how you look. This includes the changes in your hair. The male pattern baldness typically happens when the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attaches itself to your hair follicles. As time goes on, this will change your hair growth cycle and make your hair start shedding and stop growing.

Male pattern baldness does not have treatment. However, there are medications like finasteride used to freeze hair loss, but they cannot reverse any male pattern baldness that you might have had. If this happens, FUE hair transplant surgery will help give you natural-looking hair if you are an FMT patient.

The surgery is also helpful during the FTM transition to help you get a desirable beard and eyebrow. Your beard and eyebrows will grow and change as part of the transition. But some hair can be patchy or not grow as you desire.

Male to Female Hair Transplant

The transition from male to female has a different effect. The change in your estrogen levels tends to counteract the effects of DHT on your hair. But if you had some transgender balding as a male before you transitioned, you will remain with thinning areas or even have a hairline that looks like a receding male.

You can choose for an FUE hair transplant to correct your hairline and give you a more feminine look. Men who have had balding tend to have a little m-shaped hairline. This works to transform a more feminine curved hairline during the transitioning.

Is a Hair Transplant Transgender Successful?

Based on research, the success rate of female to male hair transplants is lower than that of males. Is because even though hair transplant for women is the same as for men, it is different. Women, therefore, require a unique hair transgender hair transplantation. Most transgender patients experience hair loss as a result of exogenous hormones. If done correctly, the outcome can be 99%.

Transgender Hair Transplant Cost

The transgender hair transplant cost varies for each person. Typically, the costs depend on your hair characteristics and other factors like the number of hair grafts needed for transplantation. To understand the hair transplant cost, you can get a consultation with the doctor. Here you will discuss what the treatment is all about and the exact cost of the surgery.

You can go for other nonsurgical treatments before opting for an FUE hair transplant to transition. These treatments can sometimes be effective and reverse hair loss, but this entirely depends on the patient. The effectiveness of these nonsurgical treatments will entirely depend on the stage of hair loss you are experiencing.

Final Thought

Hair transplant transgender is the best way to restore your hairline, fill in bald spots and create a new hairline. Before this procedure, you will need a consultation session with your doctor. They will evaluate your scalp and determine if the surgery is the right solution for hair loss. Other trans women might want to change their hairline to look more feminine. The recovery from this procedure takes like five days, but you can feel better after two days.

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