Tips to Choose a Neck Pillow


Many people wake up with a pain in their neck. The main culprit behind this pain is the pillow you sleep on at night. A pillow that’s not a good fit for your sleeping position can even worsen neck pain. Over time, it will cause other problems like headaches. If you have chronic neck pain, you must ensure to sleep in a manner that doesn’t allow your head to lean too far in a specific direction. It’s best to look into pillows from brands like Tempur. A Tempur original pillow is made from visco-elastic material that’s temperature-sensitive. It moulds to the shapes of your body and thus provides full support where you need it without any counterpressure. Here are some things you should know about neck pillows.

The Role of a Pillow in Neck Pain

A majority of people feel neck pain. It’s a result of everyday stressors like work or poor posture. If you sit for extended periods in front of your computer, you can also feel neck strain. Your posture when you sleep is critical. So, a crucial function of a neck pillow is to maintain your neck in correct alignment with your spine. It ensures that your muscles gain the relaxation they need and do not overextend.

Many people are side sleepers. But sometimes, they sleep on their back. Others prefer to sleep on their stomach. So, generally, side sleepers should look for thick pillows that will keep their neck in alignment with their spine. Back sleepers should search for a medium pillow that supports their neck and allows the head to rest. Stomach sleepers should look for significantly thin pillows so that the neck does not extend too much.

Kinds of Pillows that are Suitable for People with Neck Pain

Today in the market, you can find various types of pillows. Those experiencing neck pain should look into the kinds of pillows given below.

  • Contoured pillow – These pillows help keep your back and neck aligned at all times. Thus, they prevent muscle pain.
  • V-shaped pillow – These pillows raise your head and help keep your spine straight while sleeping. They are, therefore, suitable for those looking to relieve back and neck pain.
  • Memory foam pillow – A memory foam pillow moulds to your shape. It thus gives you support and comfort exactly where you need it the most.
  • Latex pillows – Latex pillows provide adequate support for your body. It primarily supports your neck and head. Although these pillows may be a bit expensive, they are also long-lasting.
  • Water pillows – A water pillow can adjust to your movements. It provides good support to the neck and head.
  • Buckwheat pillows – It’s an environmentally-friendly alternative. Such a pillow is comfortable and gives the right amount of support.

Some Features of a Good Pillow for Neck and Back Pain

A good pillow for neck and back pain is shaped to adhere to your natural body shape. A tempur original pillow from a brand like Tempur gives total support and a weightless feeling, facilitating a great night’s sleep. The pillow also has a hypoallergenic and washable cover. You can wash it up to 60 degrees Celsius to kill dust mites. The pillow is available in two heights. The regular one is 61 cm wide, 31 cm deep, and 7 cm high. The high pillow is 61 cm wide, 31 cm deep, and 8.5 cm high. They are, therefore, suitable for those looking to relieve back and neck pain.

You must invest in a reliable pillow for neck and back pain from a renowned brand. It must also be of the correct size. Always do your comprehensive research before zeroing on a specific pillow.