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Tips To Increase German Shepherd Life Expectancy

The German Shepherd is an incredible dog with tons of excellent properties. It has a useful lifespan from 9 to 13 years old, which is a means for most dogs. Several factors can have an impact on the duration of their lives. It is important to recognize these factors and hope to prolong life as much as possible. The German shepherds are a wonderful family and a guy faithful to their arrival. Because of their wonderful friendship and their joy they bring, we want them to stay as long as possible. Here are  healthy tips to increase the life expectancy of the German Shepherd.



Keep Your German Shepherd Lean

Keeping your German shepherd thin and not overweight is a simple and proven path to increase your dog’s life expectancy from around 18 to 24 months. This means that you feed the corresponding amount of food every day and do not overlap it.



Balanced diet:

To keep your German shepherds fit and active, feed it with a high quality dog ​​food with a protein range from 18% to 22%. The right amount of food depends on your dog’s age and size. Here is a table for the calorie intake based on information from

  • Active adult pastor: lift 1,740 and 2,100 calories per day
  • Senior German : feed 1,272 and 1,540 calories per day.

These calorie recordings are based on German shepherds of 60 to 90 pounds.3. You brush your 



Brush Their Teeth every day

Brushing the teeth of your German shepherd can help prevent periodontitis and increase your dog’s life expectancy by a maximum of 3 to 5 years. According to studies, up to 90% of dogs have periodontal disease of more than three. In fact, it is the most common infectious disease that affects adult dogs. It is an inflammatory disease caused by bacteria in the mouth and is aimed at support structures around the dog’s teeth. It is progressive and deteriorates over time.

Periodontal disease, which remains without control in dogs, can cause teeth and finally reach the blood circulation of its German shepherd, which damages some of the main organs such as the heart, kidneys and lungs. This disease can be deadly, otherwise.



Some fun ways to train your dog:

  • Take them outside at least once a day and twice when you can
  • Play with your dog with your favorite ball or toys with your dog
  • Configure an improvised obstacle race to work
  • Play Frisbee with you in the backyard or in the park
  • Make them walk around their feeling of local friendly dogs

The more your dog trains, the less boring it will be. This leads to a healthier dog in general and must maintain an acute mind.



Castration or sterilization at a reasonable age

According to, the castration or sterilization of your dog increases your dog’s life expectancy by an amount. A study by the University of Georgia with 70,000 animals has given significant results. Male dogs that were sterilized had an increase in their life expectancy by 13.8% and female dogs experienced an increase in their life expectancy by 26.3%.

An interesting reason why unchanged dogs have reduced life expectancy is that they are looking for more colleagues. This leads to more fights with other dogs that cause infections or injuries. It is also more likely that they are overthrown by a car.



It is important to work with your veterinarian to determine the best time to neutralize your German shepherd. A study by UC Davis has shown that the castration of a dog triples the risk of common disorders 1 year ago. Early castration can also contribute to the probability of a dog for CCL tears. Women sterilized in their early years have an increased risk of becoming incontinent.

Risk for health risks, sterilized:

  • Less risk to develop certain types of cancer of reproductive systems
  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer
  • Lower prostate cancer levels



Make sure to neutralize or sterilize your German shepherd at the right time. Your dog’s castration or sterilization can cause problems too early. The male pets from the German shepherd’s house should get married after their growth, but their veterinarian will help determine the best time. You may have a negative impact on its skeletal growth beforehand. I hope it helps. Your dog lives a long and happy life. The more time you spend on this earth with your fur friend, the better!

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