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Top camping sites around Bangalore to tame the Travel bug

Nandi Hills Drive

The camping experience allows you to enjoy a tranquil getaway while overlooking the foggy highlands, which are nestled among the gorgeous hills of Nandi. Enjoy a fun-filled camping adventure in comfy tents with a nice sleeping arrangement, which will be distributed on a 2/3 sharing basis. Enjoy a relaxed day with your friends while exploring nature with an exciting hiking activity and a nice bonfire session in the evening. Additionally, tantalize your taste buds with delectable breakfast and dinner options, as well as delectable BBQ.


Ramnagara, well known as the filming location for the Bollywood classic Sholay, is one of the best camping spots around Bangalore.

Both leisure and business travelers enjoy hiking to the numerous peaks of this small town and pitching tents in the hills for a fun-filled night camping adventure. Ziplining, rappelling, paddle boating, kayaking, jumaring, and archery are just a few of the thrilling sports available to visitors when camping in Ramanagara.


Kanakpur, located near the glistening Lake Hosa Doddi, provides a thrilling nature-friendly camping experience near Bangalore. This camping spot, surrounded by the gorgeous Bananthimari forest, offers visitors to unwind, relax, and revitalize in the arms of mother nature.

Kanakpura’s unusual setting allows visitors to have a variety of camping experiences, including lakeside camping and jungle camping. Kanakpura also offers a variety of additional adrenaline-pumping activities like coracle rides, kayaking, zip lining, boating, ice walking, acid walking, and bonfires to the campers.

Kanakpura has a multitude of beautiful camping places to select from, allowing avid campers to enjoy camping in the midst of majestic forests, farmlands, and tranquil lakes.


Anthargange, which literally translates to “the Ganges from the depths,” is one of the most popular trekking, caving, and camping destinations near Bangalore. This fascinating camping spot is located in the Shatha Shrunga mountains and features rocky outcrops that make the area ideal for mountain riding and hiking.

Trekkers and campers commonly congregate at this location late at night for an exploratory tour of the tranquil and deep tunnels. To complete their caving experience, the majority of guests prefer to camp outside these harsh caves. 

Devarayana Durga Hilltop Camping

This campsite, located on the edge of a beautiful green jungle, offers spectacular valley and sunset views. You may zipline across the valley with a view of the DevarayanaDurga Hills and let your inner adventurer out. Take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to appreciate nature with your friends by participating in a thrilling guided hike. Make joyful memories by booking hilltop camping at DevarayanaDurga near Bangalore.

Camping Amidst Mango Orchards

This campsite is ideal for camping. Because it is surrounded by mango orchards, Bangalore flower orchards, a lovely lake near the property, and exotic wildlife. Beautiful Hill views and camping in the middle of a mango orchard will help you make lifelong memories. Immerse yourself in a variety of activities and experience the right balance of action and peace.

You can go on an adventure path with woodland trekking. Or participate in games like mud kabaddi and mud volleyball while you’re here. Shuttlecock, rain dance, carom, indoor board games, photo walk to. The flower orchard, and cycling to the scenic lake are some of the other activities accessible on the property.

Bangalore’s Bannerghatta Road offers hilltop camping.

Spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city on 700 acres of land near the Bannerghatta forest. The adventure retreat is nestled in the grandeur of nature and offers panoramic views of the surrounding regions. The campsite is only 48 kilometers from Bangalore Palace, giving you the best value for your money.

Rope activities, mud kabaddi, rain dance, waterfall trekking, outdoor games, indoor games, zip line. Many other activities are provided at the campsite.  You may embark for a thrilling 7-kilometer forest trip or unwind in an infinity pool with views of the forest.

Camping in Hanumantha Nagar, Bangalore

Take advantage of the opportunity to go in Hanumantha Nagar, about 35 kilometers from Bangalore Palace.  As well as a variety of activities to partake in.

You’ll be able to take in the stunning views of the surrounding places. While participating in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The swimming pool is available, as well as zip lines, rain dances, trekking, rappelling, and other sports. In the evening, you can gather around a bonfire with your friends and family.

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