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Top Tips to buy laminate sheets for your home

One of the fundamental reasons why interior designing has become a norm today is that it enhances a space by making it suitable for its purpose. That being said, if you were exploring the different aspects of interior designing, you are bound to come across decorative laminate sheets in one way or another. However, prior to going into the details, it is significant to know what this surfacing material is and where it is used.

What are laminates?

Laminates are surface finishing material that is made of multiple layers of plastic resins and flat paper. These thin layers are pressed together, and the top of the laminate sheet is decorated with a pattern or color. They are generally used as a finishing layer for MDF, particleboard, plywood, wooden furniture, flooring, and wall panels.

Types of laminates

In contemporary times, laminates are the most widely used surfacing material for interior decoration. Nevertheless, they can be divided into different categories depending on their qualities and utility. Read on to know more about them.

  • Industrial laminates – The name itself suggests that it is used in places prone to high footfall and wear and tear. That is why these laminate sheets are much more robust and resistant to damage than other surface materials. In addition, they are antibacterial, fire retardant, and chemical resistant, which makes them ideal for use in hospitals and other industries.
  • Decorative laminates: These laminate sheets are known for their aesthetic appeal and are mostly preferred in designing home and office interiors. They can be found in various designs, colors, and textures, allowing them to incorporate into any décor theme seamlessly.
  • Compact laminates – This laminate type is not required to be glued to other materials. They are thicker in size and self-supportive in nature.
  • High and low-pressure laminates – The high and low-pressure laminates mainly differ based on the laminate’s pressure on the substrate. In actuality, low-pressure laminate is used for MDF, while high-pressure laminate is used for plywood.

A lesser-known fact about colors and patterns in laminates

Royale Touche laminates can be found in various colors and textures for interior and exterior decorations. If you’re planning to integrate the visual appeal of fine wood textures plus other natural materials, laminate is the ideal surface material for that. Besides, you can find laminate sheets in a wide range of bright colors and cool motifs.

Laminate finishes

Even though laminate sheets can be found in a wide range of finishes, the most popular are smooth, medium, mate, and high gloss finish. When it comes to wall panels and furniture elements, textured laminate is a safe bet to mimic the appeal of natural materials. In this case, the most commonly used textures are rustic wood, hand scraped, metallic, rustic wood, and leather finishes. If you’re searching for the best laminate brand in Indiago for Royale Touche laminates that promise durability and quality for home décor needs.

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Laminate size

Usually, laminates can be found in panels, sheets, and boards based on the kind of application. The ideal size of sheets available is around 8 feet by 4 feet. Boards and wall panels can be found as rectangles or squares in various sizes.


Laminate sheets are known for their durable and scratch-resistant aspects, thus making them the best choice for interior decoration. When compared to wood and veneer products, laminates are much more resistant to heat, moisture, and wear and tear. Nonetheless, it needs to be noted that laminate surfaces tend to warp when exposed to excessive water. Low-quality laminate surfaces are also prone to chipping.


One of the biggest advantages of laminate sheets is they are cheaper than wood and veneers. This eco-friendly alternative surfacing material also reduces your carbon footprint on earth to a great degree.

Maintenance of laminates

A fantastic characteristic of a laminate surface is that they don’t demand high maintenance compared to alternative surfacing material. In which case, you need to make sure that the surface is dusted regularly. However, in case of any spill of drinks or other liquid, ensure they are wiped with a wet microfabric cloth as soon as possible. Also, abrasive cleaners or steel wood scrubbers are a big no-no because they can damage the laminate surface to a great degree. Likewise, it is advisable to protect any laminate surface from excessive sunlight and water.

Wrap up

When it comes to installation, repair, or replacement, there is no hassle involved in laminate. In the case of flooring, laminate is easier to install than wood or marble. Here, the boards are interlocked with a tongue and a groove joint. Furthermore, you can install laminate on existing floors, thus making it easy for DIY refurbishment needs. Ensure that you’re checking the Royale Touche laminate catalog because this is the best laminate manufacturer in IndiaIt cannot be denied that real comfort is both physical and visual, you cannot choose to ignore either of them when it comes to meeting the luxury, functional, and comfort goals of living space.

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