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University Of Worcester Admissions Process

Admissions for University of Worcester

The information provided in the document available on the page linked below outlines the terms and conditions between the University of Worcester and applicants to our degree programs. A binding contract is formed between the University and the candidate when the candidate accepts the offer of a place at the University. Let’s know about University Of Worcester admissions process.

Conditions of Admission at UW

The documents available on the page linked below provide important information that you should read and understand before accepting an offer.

Admissions Office Processes Applications For:

Diploma Courses (including Teacher Education, Modular Undergraduate Programme, Horticulture and Midwifery)

  1. Postgraduate Courses Taught
  2. Basic courses
  3. Higher National Diplomas and Certificates
  4. Graduate Diploma in Nursing
  5. Certificate in Management Studies
  6. Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  7. Credit applications (including certified and experiential)
  8. Also, Part-time degree courses

Also, we are the first point of contact for any questions you may have about courses at the University of Worcester. We can advise you on:

  • How to apply
  • Download an internal recharge request form
  • Entry requirements
  • Opportunities for mature students
  • The progress of your application
  • Open days and visit days
  • Questions relating to the admissions policy
  • Any application for general admission

Also, For general advice contact us on Study in UK consultant or email us at admissions University of Worcester

If you have a specific request, please refer to the admissions staff list for contact details of the appropriate admissions staff member.

Admission Profiles

As a result, the University will make admission profiles available for all its academic courses. All

Also, Admissions decisions will be made based on the criteria detailed in the Admissions Profile. Each

Profile Will Specify:

  • Typical academic entry requirements
  • Also, other recognized experience and/or qualities.

Admissions profiles will be made available through the University website, the UCAS website for

full-time undergraduate courses and in the University prospectus.

Setting the admission criteria is the responsibility of the school to which the course is attached,

within the general policy requirements agreed to by the University and set forth in the

Regulatory Framework for Training (TCRF) and Regulatory Framework for Research Degrees

(RDRF). Admission criteria will be reviewed annually by the Recruitment Strategy Group. Yes

Also, modifications or additions to the criteria are necessary outside of scheduled Group meetings for these

may be approved by action of the chair and reported to the next meeting of the group.

As a result, the Admissions Office is in the process of establishing in the admissions database a record of

minimum entry requirements for all courses taught at UG and PG level, which include both

academic and non-academic criteria. Also, the database will be the main source of information

Also, on minimum admission requirements and will be updated annually after consultation with

schools before the start of each academic session. As a result, this information will be used in

Academic publications, such as online and print college prospectuses, and UCAS


As a result, UW goals to make university education accessible and welcomes applications from

anyone interested in higher education. Also, in addition to traditional academic experiences or educations, the

The university recognizes the prior learning of candidates, either as a basis for admission to a course or for regulations.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

Respond to and process inquiries from prospective students, including full-time, part-time, and credit applications.

  • To provide an advisory service to potential applicants to the University.
  • Liaise with other educational bodies to support and promote recruitment. Organization and information of Visiting Days.
  • Liaise with course leaders to ensure an effective and efficient admissions service.
  • Also, Arrange interview and advisory interview dates.

As a result, coordinate and review decisions on UCAS, GTTR and NMAS applications.

Send membership instructions and assist with student onboarding programs.

If you want to study at the University of Worcester. Also, start your ride by referring to a free consultation with a study in UK consultant.

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