Valery Lameignère Biography and Wiki

Valery Lameignère Biography and Wiki

Valery Lameignère is a French writer who gained notoriety due to his marriage to Golden Globe Award-nominated actress Molly Ringwald. The couple wed in 1999 but divorced three short years later in 2002, never having any children together during their brief union.

Lameignère has not been involved with any public events since the divorce and there is limited information available about him today. However, it is clear that he left an impression on Ringwald, as she continues to publicly express her admiration and respect for him. In 2019, she referred to him affectionately as a “beautiful soul” during an interview with People magazine. Since then, Lameignère has largely remained out of the public eye.

Valery Lameignère Wiki: Age, Career:

Although Valery Lameignère’s exact age and career remain unknown, it is believed he hails from the France region. He married actress Molly Shannon in 2004, with whom he has two children: daughter Stella and son Nolan. The couple resides in Los Angeles where they are raising their family.

Valery’s career remains somewhat of a mystery as his level of fame does not require him to have much of a public profile. He works mainly behind the scenes in an undisclosed profession. Despite the lack of knowledge of his professional pursuits, Valery appears to be very successful given his ability to provide financial stability for his family while also maintaining a low-profile lifestyle.

Valery Lameignère is a man of many talents and has proven himself to be successful in his own right. He is known for being a supportive companion to Molly Shannon and her career, as well as providing stability for their children. While not much is known about Valery’s professional life or background, he remains an important figure in the lives of Molly Shannon and her family.

Relationship with Molly Ringwald, Marriage, and Divorce

Valery and Molly Ringwald had an eight-year-long engagement, during which their relationship developed steadily. The couple married in the small village of Arcachon near Bordeaux on July 28, 1999.

Following their marriage, Valery and Molly settled into a life in Bordeaux where they stayed for three years before Molly filed for divorce citing “cruel and inhuman treatment” as the reason. After this, Valery chose to retreat from public life and has not shared any information about his personal or professional life since then.

The few details that are known of their romance come solely from sources close to them at the time, who commented that theirs was a passionate but tumultuous relationship with conflicts arising out of the differences in their backgrounds and personalities.

Since the divorce, neither Valery nor Molly have spoken publicly about their relationship or what led to its eventual dissolution. Despite this, it has been speculated that the couple’s split was caused by a combination of factors, including incompatibility between them as well as external pressures such as demands on Valery’s time due to his busy career.

Though they are no longer together, both Valery and Molly continue to live successful lives independent from each other.  They may never be reunited as husband and wife but it appears that they still harbor some fondness for one another despite all that has come between them. Only time will tell if and how their story will develop in the future.

Valery and Molly’s romance is a cautionary tale of the complexities of marriage and why it should never be taken lightly. Even with all the love in the world, relationships still require hard work and dedication if they are to survive. It is impossible to predict what will happen in any relationship, so couples must always strive to do their best to ensure that they give it their all, no matter how difficult things may get.  While Valery and Molly’s story did not last, it serves as an example for other couples who hope that theirs will have a different outcome.

Complete Wiki:

  • Name: Valery Lameignère
  • Known For: Being the husband of actress Molly Shannon, and providing financial stability for their family while maintaining a low-profile lifestyle
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Birthplace: France
  • Spouse: Molly Shannon (2004-2007)
  • Children: Stella and Nolan
  • Relationship with Molly Shannon: Valery and Molly had an eight-year engagement before getting married in 1999 in Arcachon near Bordeaux.

After living there for three years, Molly filed for divorce citing cruel and inhuman treatment as the reason. Since then, Valery has stayed out of the public eye. Little is known about what caused their eventual split but it is suggested that incompatibility between them and external pressures from Valery’s career may have been contributing factors.


Valery and Molly’s relationship is a cautionary tale of the complexity of marriage, and why it should not be taken lightly. Despite their divorce, both parties continue to live successful lives, showing that no matter what happens in a relationship couples should always strive to do their best for each other.  It serves as an example for others who hope theirs will have different outcomes.

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