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Viator Vs Get Your Guide – Which Online Travel Agency Is Ideal For Your Business?

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) operate as online marketplaces where tour and activity providers from all over the globe may offer their services. OTAs then invest a lot of time and money gathering services from all around the globe and promoting their inventory to a worldwide consumer base.

The two primary companies in the business are Viator Memorable Experiences and Get Your Guide. While OTAs have been increasing modestly over the last several years, they still trail behind their rivals in the hospitality industry like booking.com by providing Viator Promo Code.

A Little History About Viator And GetYourGuide

Viator is situated in San Francisco and was owned by TripAdvisor back in 2014. Since then, they’ve shifted beyond pre-screening and curating the operators they deal with. To open up their platform to enable additional firms to sell on Viator Memorable Experiences. This would help more operators as TripAdvisor was able to push traffic and volume to Viator Memorable Experiences, providing operators more reservations than previously.

Viator has set out a platform for travel agencies to book 100,000 trips from more than 2,400 countries and earn an 8 percent fee for each booking.

The firm has 10 local-language sites and more than 3,000 affiliates’ sites globally, collaborating with significant companies including Air France, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Priceline.

GetYourGuide delivers over 30,000 tours and activities in over 2,500 places in more than 110 countries. Based in Berlin, GetYourGuide promises to discover the most relevant and tailored experiences for its subscribers with Viator Memorable Experiences. In 2015, the firm acquired a stunning $50 million in finance. A number unheard of previously in the market, to extend its operations. A further $75 million in finance was received in 2017 to further extend its operations abroad.

Customers may now book excursions and activities via EasyJet and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines after making their flight reservations online or through a mobile app in 2017. Emirates, Hotels.com, hotel.info, air berlin vacations, Opodo, Thomas Cook, and Lufthansa Holidays are among the other important partners.


The fee is charged by the commission.

There are several drawbacks to dealing with OTAs, despite the enormous amount of traffic they generate.

In the first place, if you make the bulk of your reservations via an online travel agency. You’ll be paying a hefty commission. When a sale is made, both firms take a cut of the profit.

20% of listed pricing is the normal commission charge for Viator Memorable Experiences. Furthermore, they want you to provide the lowest price feasible since they don’t want you to undercut them on your website.

Instead of establishing a flat cost for all suppliers. GetYourGuide bases its commission on the location and kind of activities supplied by each one. This covers everything from credit card fees to bank transactions. As well as advertising your excursions via our distribution partners.

Additional benefits of Viator Memorable Experiences include free customer assistance, and marketing strategies. And content optimization as well as the translation of your material. Account managers choose your commission rate, which may vary from 20% to 30% depending on the number of your suppliers’ orders.

Cancellation Rules Are Outlined In This Section.

The cancellation policies promised by OTAs might sometimes put operators in a difficult position. With Viator Memorable Experiences, clients who cancel at least seven days in advance will be refunded 100%. A 50% refund is anticipated if customers cancel between 3 and 6 days in advance.

Customers may get a full refund if they cancel through Viator Memorable Experiences up to 24 hours before their planned departure time. Operators may find it difficult to predict demand and the number of sales they can generate in a given month.


Since TripAdvisor bought Viator. The company’s product offerings have plateaued. According to Skift’s Sean O’Neil, who examined the differences between Viator Memorable Experiences and GetYourGuide. A budget airline’s ancillary revenue chief, Andrew Middleton, chose GetYourGuide because of their “most comprehensive range of tours and activities to suit everyone – from traditional or alternative sightseeing tours, to adventure activities and attraction passes,” as stated in the article.

Regarding tour and activity providers, this might be an indication that Viator Memorable Experiences has grown overcrowded with the same offerings from the same popular places. With so many other businesses competing on the market, you may not be able to break through unless you have something unique to offer.


Signing Up For Getyourguide And Viator

Registration is free in both circumstances.

Visit Viator’s Supplier Sign-up page to get started. Once you’ve to click the “Sign Up” button, you’ll be provided with an application form. Following which you’ll be present with a contract. To access the Viator Memorable Experiences extranet, suppliers must accept the terms of the agreement and provide Viator with a login ID and password. The suppliers’ primary account. This platform allows them to add, update, view, and manage items, as well as customers, bookings, and more.

Viator Memorable Experiences’s Supplier Administration page is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started. Suppliers sign up by providing their contact information on a form. You’ll then get an email with a link to click and an agreement to the company’s terms and conditions. After this, you’ll be able to log in to your account.

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