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Which Conditions Are Treated By North Hills General Practitioner?

A North Hills general practitioner specializes in family medicine. They are dedicated to taking care of the whole family, from infants to adults. The services are convenient and cost-effective. In this post, we will deliver you with the conditions treated by the North Hills general practitioner. Keep reading for more details.

Urgent Care Services

Not all ailments need you to go to an emergency room. If the cuts are not severe, bumps and bruises, you do not need to wait. The North Hills general practitioner will help treat these conditions. The facility is typically equipped with tools to treat minor injuries. Visit our clinic today and get these services and more.


Bronchitis happens when a person’s main air passages are inflamed. The main symptoms are coughing, and the above condition is mainly confused with the common cold. Suppose you have had bronchitis for an extensive period. It means you have a chronic one. At North Hills clinic, the general practitioner will help treat this condition in a short period. You do not require to go to an emergency room to get this treatment done.

High or Low Blood Pressure

High or low blood pressure is another serious ailment that might result in heart disease, kidney failure, and other critical disorders. The North Hills general practitioners also check patients on these conditions every time you go for an appointment. You get treated for blood pressure the same day as our clinic’s meeting.


Typically, diabetes comes in two distinct types. The condition affects most people in the United States. A general practitioner at North Hills urgent care clinic will diagnose you with diabetes after a glucose test.

Pediatric Care

North Hills urgent care clinic offers treatment to both children and adults. The aim is to design rooms with the children’s mindset in mind. We always ensure we put your needs first, and the rest will follow. The clinic has been dealing with pediatric care for years, and this, therefore, means that they are well skilled when treating children.

Headaches and Migraines

Everyone typically gets headaches once in a while, but if it continues from mild to severe, it might be a sign of a problem. There are extreme and painful headaches called migraines. These can be very debilitating. The majority of people tend to suffer from migraines. Other factors result in migraines, such as your lifestyle. The North Hills urgent clinic will help treat this condition and more others.


Asthma is a chronic lung disease that usually begins during your childhood. It results in shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. Many factors cause this condition, and this includes genetics. Talk to a doctor at the North Hills clinic to get treatment for this condition.

Blood Infection

A bladder infection can be severe if not treated. It is also known as a urinary tract infection. This might result in over 8 million visits to a primary care doctor every year. The general practitioner at North Hills urgent care clinic will help treat this condition without waiting for hours, unlike in the emergency rooms.

The Pain

You can make an arrangement with the doctor if you have had pain in any part of your body for a long time. Based on who feels the pain, it might result from many things. Your North Hills general practitioner will examine you to determine what causes the pain. Afterward, they will then go ahead to treat it.

Final Thought

A North Hills general practitioner offers complete medical care for a whole family in one home. Going to a North Hills general practitioner is cheaper than going to the hospital. If you need specialized treatment, the primary care doctor will find an experienced and knowledgeable medical specialist to treat you. Other than treating all the above ailments, the GP will offer you preventive and administrative vaccines.

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