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Which card is better, the UNI card or Slice credit card?

In a century where a new credit card is launched every second day. It has become very much difficult for us to decide which card should we apply for. But there are two credit cards or you can say BNPL cards in the market which are unique in either way and are standing out different in the market from other traditional credit cards. For those who do not know about BNPL. BNPL stands for buy now and pay later cards. The UNI cards and Slice cards are the two cards bringing the buy now and pay later credit cards trend in the Indian market. It is very much fascinating how fast these two BNPL cards are gaining popularity in the Indian market.

Both the cards come along with humongous benefits and features. These two cards quite efficiently fulfil the requirement of the GenZ and Millenials of our country. Individuals with low income were taken into consideration while creating these cards. Therefore, it is very much necessary to wisely go through all the pros and cons of both the BNPL cards and decide which suits you the best.

UNI cards key highlights and benefits

The UNI cards are the wholesome product of the collaborations of highly known financial institutions and banks which are Uniorbit Technologies, RBL bank, State bank of Mauritius, and Liquiloans. The key highlight of this card is that the interest incurs from the first billing cycle payment date in regular cards and the UNI cards avail you the benefit of diving the card payment into three months instalments. Without letting you pay any extra charges for that. The benefits of these UNI cards are humongous and are as follows:-

  • UNI cards is a lifetime free credit card. No joining fee nor the annual fee is charged by the UNI team to enjoy the pleasure of this card.
  • UNI cards is been accepted by all the merchants across our country.
  • We are the Indians and Indians love the cashback. keeping this in mind UNI team provides the 1% cashback on your UNI cards bill if you pay the bill in full.
  • One of the key features of these UNI cards is that it lets you customize your bills and EMIs into three equal parts. Without paying any extra amount for this feature. In simple words, if you have a bill of INR 60,000. You can divide the amount of your bill into INR 20,000 per month for a total of three months.
  • These unique cards come along the minimum credit limit of INR 20,000 and it exceeds the maximum credit limit of INR 6 lakhs.

Slice card key highlights and benefits

If you are an individual with low income or you belong to the GenZ group or Millennials. This super card is extremely been created keeping you guys in mind. This super card is no wonder breaking the taboo of credit from society and pushing the BNPL to a whole new level. This card is challenging the Indian credit card industry. The woes of the Slice card are quite amazing. Talking about the Slice, it’s a Bangaluru-based start-up that came along with the Slice cards with numerous benefits and features. Some of the key features and benefits of this super card are as follows:-

  • Cashback is been loved by us. So does the new Slice card offers you the benefit of cashback of 2% on every transaction you make using the card.
  • Slice cards do not ask for the annual fee nor ask for the joining fee. It is an absolutely free credit card.
  • The eligibility criterion for this super card is quite relaxed. You do not need to have a credit score of 750 or above to apply for this credit card.
  • The Slice card lets you avail yourself of the credit of up to INR 10 lakhs.
  • You can see the updated passbook in your hands easily through the Slice app.

The eligibility criterion of the UNI cards

Every credit card has its criterion to apply. What does this UNI ⅓ credit card has, Which are as follows:-

  • You need to be a minimum of 25 years old to apply for this unique credit card.
  • You will not be eligible for this card if you are more than 60 years old.
  • UNI cards are made for the rational consumers of India. If you are not a rational consumer of India then you won’t get the approval for this card.
  • While applying for these UNI cards, you need to show a stable income history. If you don’t have a stable income, that means you are not eligible for this card.

The eligibility criterion of the Slice card

Slice credit card made eligibility criteria quite relaxed. It does have some criteria which you need to fit in to apply for this super card. The criterion is as follows:-

  • Slice cards made the application process relaxed for self-employed individuals. Therefore self-employed individuals can easily apply for the Slice card.
  • Slice card is rational consumer-friendly. If you are not a rational consumer of India, you will not be eligible for this Slice card.
  • You should be a minimum of 18 years old to apply for this Super credit card.
  • All you need to submit is your address proof, Identity proof, and income proof to apply for this Super credit card.






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