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5 Tips for wearing the perfect tie every time you go out

Men’s ties are available in thousands of colours and patterns, and it is easy to get confused about matching the tie to your suit and wearing the right one for an occasion. Even if you search “black tie for men” online, you will get several ties of different shades and patterns, i.e., the tie game has gone out of control and now it is more than a helpful accessory on your suite. 

A tie can make or break your entire look, so it is necessary to understand the changing fashion, your style, and what’s trending on the internet. If you are someone who loves to wear a suit during formal and informal functions and loves to wear a tie as well, you must know how it feels to be in a suit and how it changes your appearance. A costume does make an effect and improves your overall presence in a place, and the tie is a vital part of your suit. The article will list tips for wearing the right tie every time, no matter what costume you wear or what colour.

You must understand that each person has a unique style and choose the tie and suit depending on your personality type. The list gives you the basics and rules; you must calculate the rest.


It is the first and most crucial part of selecting your tie. The proportion of the tie must be suitable for your look, and width is the most critical part. For example, a big and muscular individual should choose a longer tie with average or less width. It will balance the overall appearance of that individual.


The ideal length is when it reaches your belt. The rule is based purely on aesthetics. A bit above or below the belt will make it look odd. And the tie must hide all the buttons of your shirt. Many stores also sell white, grey and black ties for men online. You can search “black tie for men” online, and you will be bombarded with several options.

Colour patterns

You can try this rule for the tie:

For an oversized pattern shirt, choose a tie with a small pattern.

For shirts with small patterns, get a tie with a large pattern.

The dominant colour in the suit must always be your tie.

Depending on the occasion-

For professional events- blue, black, dark-grey

For informal events- wear whatever colour you want, as it is the time to experiment.

If you are going to a festive occasion, you can play a little with new ideas and styles. You can get the silk tie as it has a luxurious appearance. It will reflect the light, and the tie will be the prominent part of your suit. Black and white ties are great for gala events and similar occasions. For a casual wedding, you can choose pink or turquoise. For a laid-back office meeting or semi-formal meet-up, a tie with monochrome colour is excellent.

Bow ties

Yes, these ties are still in fashion. You might not have seen this type of tie in a while, but it will be a change for your colleagues/friends when you wear one. Also, this tie is perfect for hosting an event or a dance club/event where you go with your partner. Usually, a black tie for men is a great choice, and bow ties are generally black, making you look elegant on occasion.

These are tips you can utilise to get the best out of your suite. A right can make you look great in an ordinary suit, so choose your next tie, keeping these tips in mind.

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