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5 Tips to Clean your Water Tank Properly?

The water you use for cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, and drinking, comes from the water tank directly or indirectly. If you keep your tank clean, your water will not be contaminated and will be safe to use and vice versa.

You can clean your tank on your own or let an expert do this for you. You can book water tank cleaning services for better and hassle-free cleaning of your tank. Professional services connect you with skilled personnel who have years-long experience and training.

Steps to Clean Your Water Tank

1. Drain Your Water Tank

If you have rolled up your sleeves to clean your water tank, the first step is to drain your tank. You should open the outlet valve and let the whole water leave the tank.

After opening the outlet valve, a little quantity of water still remains in the tank that contains dust and other impurities. You can use a kitchen sponge to clean this water from your tank.

You can use this water for washing your car, cleaning windows, and watering the garden. In this way, you do not waste your water and use it where it is needed.

2. Clean Your Water Tank

After removing all the water and leftover impurities in your tank, you should clean it with quality cleaning products. These cleaning products also disinfect your tank and kill all the bacteria which can cause certain skin issues.

The best practice is to use a combination of hot water and detergent. You should scrub the interior surface of your tank thoroughly so that any kind of algae can also be removed.

Sometimes, people do not know the cleaning products which should be used for disinfecting tanks. You may use some detergents suggested by the media that can cause foul smells.

Therefore, you should not use unknown cleaning products unless suggested by the experts. You can also let an expert clean your tank. You can book Water Tank Cleaning in Karachi to get your tank cleaned with quality cleaning products.

3. Rinse off

Now, this is time to rinse your water tank with hot water. To get the best of it, you can use a high-pressure hose pipe or water jet.

You should keep repeating the process until the water coming out of the exit valve runs clean. If you do not have a high-pressure hose pipe and water jet, do not worry.

You can fill the tank with hot water and let it stand for almost two hours. Then open the outlet valve letting the water leave the tank.

When this hot water will leave the tank, it will take all the debris and detergents leftover with it. You will get a perfectly clean water tank that is ready for use again.

4. Disinfect Your Tank and Pipes

After you have rinsed out your water tank completely, it is time to disinfect it. You can use a quality anti-bacterial spray to clean your water from disease-causing bacteria.

On the other hand, you can also use liquid bleach to disinfect your water tank. You can take a quantity of bleach, mix it with hot water, and pour it into the tank.

You should use a kitchen sponge to apply it to the upper surfaces of the tank. If you do not know how to disinfect your tank, you can book plumber services in Lahore for effective disinfection of your tank.

The specialized services will connect you with skilled personnel who know about quality disinfecting products. They not only disinfect your tank but also make sure that the bacteria and other harmful microbes do not grow again.

Also, let the water flow through the pipes so that these can be disinfected too. When the water, containing liquid bleach will run through the pipes it can kill all the bacteria and fungi.

In this way, your tank, as well as pipes, will be clear from the harmful microbes. All the contaminants and pathogens will be removed or killed.

5. Empty the Tank and Let it Dry

It is time to clean your empty tank and leave it for drying. You can do this by filling the tank with fresh water and leaving it for 30 minutes.

Then open the outlet valve and let the water leave the tank until the tank is emptied. And let the tank dry for an hour. Make sure that the lid is not loose because it can let the dust and impurities enter the tank.

If the lid is not in good condition, you can replace it with a new one. If it does not fit properly even after replacing it and you do not why. You can book plumber services in Karachi to look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.

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