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9 Safe and Effective Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

How many types of aches are you familiar with? A headache? A toothache? A stomach ache? Obviously, you all are families with all these types of aches. But let me tell you, nothing can be as worse than stomach pain. It appears suddenly and makes your condition pitiable for a short duration. Therefore, we use home remedies for stomach pain and get a quick recovery.

Actually, stomach pain may appear as a common symptom in many conditions. Such as diarrhea, constipation, IBS, gas – we go through stomach pain in all these situations. The amazing fact about such pain is the nature and locality of the pain is different to some extent. Thereby, they give different sensations from each other.

Let’s give an eye to some home remedies for stomach pain that are safe and effective for all the age groups equally.

Sip an Herbal Tea 

Herbal tea is the simplest solution for stomach pain and related issues. It is one of the home remedies that improves the digestive functions. Due to unhealthy lifestyles and food habits we often come across such problems that cause stomach cramping. We have different herbal teas that one can choose as per their taste and nature of stomach pain. These herbal teas are given below:

  • Peppermint tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Lemongrass tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Sage Tea

Have a Soda 

Soda contains carbonated water. It looks fizzy in appearance due to dissolved carbon dioxide gas. We all are aware that express soda consumption is bad. But this soda water in limited amounts falls among home remedies for stomach pain. Hence, it resolve the digestive problems like constipation, gas and indigestion. For this purpose, it boosts up the digestive activity and hydrates our body.

Gentle Heating 

Abdominal pain usually gives a cramp-like sensation. It happens when our abdominal muscles contract and relax quickly under the influence of repeated nerve impulses. Therefore, applying gentle heat to abdominal muscles via hot water bottles or heating bags is a good idea. It helps the muscles to relax again.

Get cured by Reflexology

Reflexology is the branch of science that includes different relaxing therapies. According to this science, nerves for relaxing the abdominal area are present in our left foot’s arch. So, if we rub our left foot in a caterpillar-like motion, we can get relief from the stomach pain. This activity soothes the abdominal muscles.

Take only Bland Foods  

We all know that a healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. We often develop digestive problems whenever we eat a healthy meal. In fact, if you ever feel stomach pain, you must recall the last meal in your mind. Either you have eaten something heavy that has put a burden on your stomach. Or you have laid down after a meal (less physical activity). In both situations, one must take good control of their diet. Bland food is a safe choice among all the home remedies for stomach pain as it doesn’t burden our stomach.

Serve yourself a Yoghurt Bowl 

Yoghurt contains good bacteria that help your gut in regulating its activity. Having a bowl of yoghurt whenever you feel symptoms of diarrhea like stomach pain.

Switch up CRAP Foods

CRAP is an abbreviation, in which:

  • C  stands for carbonated drinks
  • R stands for refined sugar
  • A stands for artificial colors
  • P stands for processed products

Keeping in view that stomach pain often comes due to digestive issues, that’s why those who have poor digestive systems must avoid all such food to stay healthy.

Use BRAT diet 

Among the home remedies for stomach pain, BRAT diet is a part of diet therapy. It is originally a food combination that is easy to digest. In word “BRAT”.

  • B stands for banana
  • R stands for rice
  • A stands for apple
  • T stands for toast
Take rest for a while 

Anxiety and depression may invade a person’s health indirectly. Due to hormonal imbalance in renal hormonal production, digestion rate is affected somehow. That’s why such people feel short duration stomach cramps (badhazmi ka ilaj). In such conditions, it is better to sleep well. It will help you in regulating your digestive activities.


We have home remedies for stomach pain in a large excess. Therefore, for the treatment of stomach pain, all we have to do is find out the nature of their abdominal pain. Then, prefer herbal home remedies for stomach pain treatment.

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