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Best Flooring Options for Interior Design: Styles to Transform Your Home

According to statistics, the estimated size of the global flooring market in 2021 was about USD 257.92 billion. Moreover, the statistics anticipate a 5.6 growth rate during the forecast period.

The above data depicts how flooring has become an integral aspect of every home. So it is vital to consider the best one as it significantly influences mood, personality, and comfort. 

Before, many people didn’t consider flooring as a room’s centerpiece. But with numerous innovative designs today, from luxurious vinyl tile to stunning reclaimed wood, most people are now considering it a vital aspect of their overall house aesthetics. 

So let’s explore some magnificent hand-selected flooring designs with distinctive materials that will give your interiors a creative twist.

1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

inyl flooring can help you achieve a luxurious interior design even with a limited budget. Most people love this flooring because of its softer and warmer touch than concrete. 

Tilebar recommends this flooring for fur families, as it’s pet friendly. Your pets won’t have difficulty with this flooring as it gives them a firm grip on the floor. Moreover, you can use vibrant colors with vintage aesthetics to achieve a perfect setting for a truly eccentric room. 

Also, you can pair the vinyl tiles with neutral or contrasting walls together with the bi-folding doors that come in various colors. When installing the flooring, it’s vital to ensure the surface is firmly sealed to avoid mildew growth, as moisture won’t infiltrate the surface. 

Despite being simple to install, vinyl flooring can be quite challenging to remove. Therefore, you can’t fix the vinyl flooring, but you can always replace it. 

2. Ceramic Tiles

If you want to embrace the popular retro and futuristic trend, then ceramic tiles are the perfect option. In 2021, the United States consumed about 3.11 billion square feet of ceramic tiles.  

This is because its retro patterns combine with the industrial design furniture that features metals and opulent materials like leather to create a luxurious feel. 

The beauty of patterned ceramic tiles is that they can fit in any part of the house. Its vintage-inspired patterns fit perfectly in living room spaces. 

Before, most people incorporated them on the kitchen backsplash and tiles, hallways, and bathrooms. However, today these tiles are taking center stage in interior design as they can fit throughout the house. 

Another advantage of ceramic tiles is that they can fit any home style. This is because of its wide array of patterns, shapes, and colors. Moreover, ceramic tiles offer countless creativity opportunities, including striking geometric patterns.

3. Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

People who love a vintage feel in their homes prefer wooden flooring. Wooden floors are popular as they look great and give the house a luxurious sense of coziness. 

Today more interior designers prefer using reclaimed wood for wooden floors. One of the apparent advantages of reclaimed wooden flooring is its distinctive aspect of the home. This is because you rarely find two identical floors, a plus in the environment. 

For a luxurious and beautiful home, you can go for reclaimed wood with a driftwood finish. Also, you can use reclaimed wood with natural textures that resemble carvings made by the sea. 

A wooden floor has a beautiful appearance but comes with minor inconveniences. For instance: 

  • They’re vulnerable to scratches.
  • They’re noisy to walk on.
  • And they can be susceptible to dampness.

But if you don’t mind these drawbacks, wooden flooring stands out when it comes to luxury. 

Best Flooring Options for Interior Design Styles to Transform Your Home

4. Vitrified Tiles

If you go to a tile store and are spoilt for your flooring choice, then choose the vitrified tiles. This is because they’re relatively affordable compared to marble flooring. Which will work perfectly for you in case you have a limited budget. 

However, they might be slightly more expensive than porcelain and ceramic tiles. But this shouldn’t be why you go for the other two types. Vitrified tiles are exceedingly sturdy and durable compared to ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

They’re sturdy and durable because of the vitrification process used in their creation. They heat and blend feldspar, clay, and quartz to create liquid glass. 

After it gradually cools and solidifies, it transforms into a sturdy material excellent for flooring. You can use it for backsplashes, shower and kitchen tiles, and more. 

Moreover, vitrified is increasingly becoming popular because of its wide array of designs. Also, if you’re looking for scratch and stain-resistant tiles, you can never go wrong with vitrified tiles. 

Investing in vitrified tiles makes the most of your money and gives your interiors that opulent look. 

5. Marble Flooring

If you come from a relatively hot state, then marble flooring is an ideal option. It’s not only beautiful, but its cooling effect is irresistible. 

During summer, you’ll enjoy walking barefoot on the cool marble floor. Marble should be your go-to flooring if you’re looking for robust and durable flooring. Furthermore, its clean and classic appearance complements this tile. 

Moreover, you can use marble flooring throughout your house, including wet areas. That means they’re perfect for shower tiles, kitchen backsplashes, living room, etc. 

However, marble can be a hassle to fix in case it accidentally fractures. Although marble flooring is not expensive, it is the best option if you want to create a timeless, opulent home.

5. Moroccan Tiles

If you want to inject some life into your house, choose the Moroccan tiles at the tile store. However, you may want to use it sparingly if you aren’t brave enough, as it can be overkill if you overdo it. For instance, you can modernize your guest bathroom with Moroccan tiles or use it as wall décor. 

But generally, they can give your house a creative twist, giving your home a cozy, Mediterranean vibe and improving your mood.  

These tiles give your room a posh appearance without being overly serious. The only caveat is to ensure you use them sparingly to bring out their fun and playful appeal. 

6. Terrazzo Tile Floor

The terrazzo floor is increasingly becoming popular today. Here are some of the reasons why people are gravitating toward them:

  • It’s customizable.
  • It’s environment friendly.
  • Requires very little maintenance. 

Terrazzo flooring is more popular, but we can’t help to think that it can be a passing trend. So you need to be confident when choosing it. 

Final Thoughts

When choosing your flooring design, you need to be willing to be bold. This is because the floor can magically transform the interior design of your entire home. 

Be willing to take risks. Your floor will be the focal point for the interior design of your entire home. Choose accordingly, establish your level of luxury, and make thoughtful choices. But most importantly, ensure you have little fun with your flooring design. 

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