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Retail Packaging Trends in 2022

While Amazon leads the way with the most innovative retail packaging, other companies are also reaping the rewards of the e-commerce trend. E-commerce packaging is just as critical for real-time shopping as it must present products professionally, protect them, and meet consumer expectations. In addition, social media is continuing to increase the importance of packaging, with 49% of consumers sharing their unboxing experiences on social media. The green movement will continue to grow and is expected to continue into 2022, As retail packaging trends change, many retailers are using smaller packaging materials.

Flexible Packaging

As the market for takeaway products continues to grow, so has the demand for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. New innovative packaging designs from customboxesmarket create reusable models that target environmentally conscious, younger consumers. In addition, advances in flexibles provide retailers with an alternative to rigid, heavy-duty cardboard packaging. These materials are lightweight and offer good barrier properties.

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During the past several years, flexible packaging has been the primary option for packaging. While the goal of flexible packaging was to reduce the cost for retailers and consumers, there was a forced restructuring of corporate structures. Globally diversified companies began selling off non-core areas. Paper-packaging companies began selling off upstream businesses. These trends are anticipated to continue into 2022. Flexible packaging is becoming the most common form of packaging, but it isn’t the only choice for today’s retailers.

Artistic Typography

While many people still associate creative packaging with whimsical characters, there’s an increasingly artistic side to the business. In 2022, creative packaging should have a strong artistic element. For example, a new trend for packaging will include elaborate typography. Previously, only companies that used geometric types were considered creative. However, in the last five years, geometric types have declined, making way for more expressive typography. In the upcoming year, creative packaging will be filled with more elaborate type designs.

One trend that will be more common in retail packaging boxes designs in 2022 is a focus on text-centric designs. This means that the typeface is the primary design element and can even be changed to create a unique look. Additionally, some brands are turning away from photographs and illustrations in favor of using decorative fonts. This minimal aesthetic will appeal to many consumers. This trend will make creative packaging more appealing to both kids and adults.

Clean and Transparent Labeling

The clean and transparent labeling trends will continue to impact retail packaging trends in the coming years. These trends are centered on consumer health, which has driven the growth of clean labels and technology, making it easier to make these products. Clean labels help food companies tell their customers the truth about their products, which increases their likelihood of creating loyal customers. Similarly, products with clean labeling have more information about the ingredients they use than their competitors.

The industry will continue to be impacted by shortages in many areas, including the workforce, raw materials, and transportation. As a result, digital label printing will continue to grow in popularity, with variable data and embellishments helping increase perceived value. And as a result, customers will look for products with transparent labels and branded packaging. The demand for transparent packaging is expected to continue, and the industry will benefit from the booming market for clean labels.

Personalized Packaging

Personalized retail packaging trends in 2022 will make consumers connect with the brand they’re purchasing. Savvy marketers know that people relate to a story more than a product name. By presenting their products in a story-like format, companies will connect with consumers on an emotional level. Consumers will be much more likely to buy a product that they’ve seen packaged by someone they know.

Moreover, packaging designs will become more transparent. As consumers have increased access to information, they are more concerned about brand trust and safety. They also want to know more about the content of the product. This is where the transparency of the packaging comes into play. The transparent design of products will help build consumer confidence in brands. Personalized retail packaging trends in 2022 will continue to evolve as the trend toward transparency in the packaging industry continues.

Vintage Packaging

For packaging, vintage designs are a trend worth following. Consumers like the aesthetic value and historical value of these packaging styles. They are familiar, sleek, and timeless. People also prefer eco-friendly brands that use recyclable or reusable packaging. The aesthetics can be incorporated into the packaging design and even permeate the entire design. The vintage aesthetic can work for almost any product, whether it’s a luxury item or a low-end one.

Another trend to watch out for in 2022 is the Y2K aesthetic. This design style has been popular among Gen Z consumers and will likely become more mainstream in 2022. Gen Z represents a large segment of the consumer base, and their tastes often lead to changes in the broader consumer taste landscape. This aesthetic has a kitschy millennium charm that is sure to stick around.

High-end Packaging

Creating modern, sleek wholesale display packaging boxes is key to setting your brand apart in the eyes of your audience. In 2022, the trend will likely be away from stiff, rigid packaging and toward more flexible, bendy pouches and shrink film. This is an excellent trend for brands looking to appeal to younger shoppers.

Textual packaging is becoming a popular trend because it communicates product intent and meets the fast-paced demands of today’s consumers. Brands use typography to reinvent their packaging while still maintaining a classic, clean look. The use of monochromatic color schemes will continue to dominate packaging in 2022. In addition, a trend toward minimal designs will be a big trend in 2022.

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