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45+ Virtual Conference Ideas for the Best Event ROI

Virtual conferences are the best way to reach a potential audience around the world. Moreover, you can create a better experience for all the users that can be helpful in making them trust your website and brands.

Do you want to boost your ROI? Do you search for how to increase your revenue as well as sales in 2022?

So, here is a comprehensive list of ideas that can be helpful in increasing your ROI in 2022.

46 Ideas to Boost Your ROI with Virtual Conference!

A complete list of ideas that can be helpful in increasing your virtual event ROI is as follows:

  1. Conduct a social media challenge for your virtual event attendees.

  2. Create virtual swag to send to the attendees.

  3. Include speedy networking opportunities in the virtual expo platform.

  4. Add breakout sessions with various gamification integrations.

  5. Create chat rooms for the attendees.

  6. Add Audio as well as Video discussion options.

  7. Include a pre-event meeting scheduler to resolve the attendee’s problems.

  8. Add some AR/VR games for entertainment during the event.

  9. Offer different giveaways for the audience, like caps, pens, books, and more.

  10. Send a home-delivered gift to surprise your attendees.

  11. Consider sending a post-event thank you gift to everyone who attended the virtual event.

  12. Have a talent performing at your virtual event.

  13. Integrate live streaming as well as on-demand availability of your virtual conference.

  14. Give tag session options to the attendees. So, they can choose one or more to watch.

  15. Convert your virtual conference into a certified virtual training course.

  16. Use live audience polls to engage your attendees in the virtual event platform.

  17. Make announcements, share reminders, notifications, and other important information during the online event using the notifications feature.

  18. Execute spirit days during virtual events for better interaction.

  19. Add various surveys as well as tests to your virtual fest platform.

  20. Use proper acknowledgement of your attendees during the 1:1 or group chats.

  21. Make creative and fun invitations to send for your virtual event.

  22. Create personalized invitations and emails for your loyal customers.

  23. Encourage team with fun team-building activities.

  24. Design a virtual Treasure Hunt for your virtual fest platform.

  25. Make your attendees bring their families and involve them in various activities and fun ideas.

  26. Create a Virtual Cocktail or Happy Hour for the employees by sending them some alcohol to their location.

  27. Add an After Party Session to your virtual conference platform and create a Social Media Group for better communication.

  28. Give proper presentation access to the attendees to view and download the content they want.

  29. Think of a unique and different Event Theme for your virtual expo platform.

  30. Include a Live Art Show in Your Virtual Show platform.

  31. Implement AR Photo Booths to Your virtual event for endless selfies as well as engaging gifs.

  32. Add a Virtual Exhibition Hall for a better demonstration of various subjects and topics of your session.

  33. Provide the Sponsored Giveaways to the Attendees. You can add your or your sponsor’s brand name to those giveaways. It will be a helpful idea for easy branding.

  34. Offer Avatars to the Attendees with the freedom to create different hairstyle, clothes, specs, shoes, watch, and other accessories.

  35. Add 3D Technology to your virtual summit platform to display various objects in different dimensions as well as add a sense of the in-person event.

  36. You can hire a Production Company to create various banners, gifs, teasers, trailers, videos, flyers, brochures, and other essential content.

  37. Add different Branded Virtual Backgrounds for the attendees as well as speakers. It will make your virtual event a little more creative.

  38. Use different ideas and strategies to create hype on social media for your virtual event.

  39. Add Global Speakers to your virtual event as well as take advantage of their knowledge and learning.

  40. You can offer Exclusive Products at your event that are only available on your brand’s virtual expo platform. Also, you can provide various discounts and deals that will be only available upon placing an order during the virtual event.

  41. Also, you can prefer Sending Food or snack Delivery to the attendees for a better connection. This idea can be more beneficial for the hotel industry people.

  42. You can Boost Attendance by Sending the eGift Cards to the Registrants.

  43. It will be beneficial for organizers to Upsell exhibitors and sponsors at your virtual event platform.

  44. Provide pick and choose options to the attendees so that they will get what they want without any problem.

  45. You need to provide tracks or channels for the session with a flat rate charge.

  46. Also, offer a referral discount to the attendees so that they will share maximum links, and you will get more attendees.

So, these are the various ideas that can be helpful in increasing ROI with your virtual conference. You can attain great success with the features and functionalities provided by the virtual conference service providers. Moreover, it is better to use and include various aspects of your virtual event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in creating a better idea to boost virtual event ROI in 2022!

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