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What You Need To Know About Kohl’s Cash

Cash has my entire focus. When I originally heard about Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Charge Card, Kohl’s Gift Card Balance. I believed it would be a lot of work. It turns out to be a generous scheme with minimal constraints.


Until I wanted to return something to Amazon, I had never gone to a Kohl’s Charge Card,  or utilized this Kohl’s Gift Card Balance, despite my mother’s frequent visits. What? Explain. I discovered that I could return an Amazon purchase to a Kohl’s store for processing. No matter how oddly shaped the item is, Kohl’s will box it up and ship it back to Amazon for FREE. I couldn’t believe it until I tried it. It was amazing.


The Amazon return receipt came with a voucher for Kohl’s 30 Off Coupon in-store purchase. You know I wasn’t going to walk out the door with it in my pocket. This joyful surprise prompted a discussion with my mother about another Kohl’s perk: Kohl’s Cash. For example, my mother just received $10 in Kohl’s Cash on Lee pants. Mom liked receiving her coupon, but she couldn’t explain how she got it, so we agreed I would find out and share it with her. Hence, Mom:

Kohl’s Cash

Most people, including Mom, know this, but when I hear the word “cash,” images of dead presidents flood my mind. Anyway, Kohl’s Charge Card, not US cash. Not “legal tender,” in Kohl’s words. Kohl’s Charge Card is a rewards program, not a coupon. Basics:

  • Kohl Kohl’s Charge Card earned by shopping at Kohls.
  • Kohl’s Cash isn’t always accessible. Coupons are issued periodically by Kohl’s.
  • Kohls Cash isn’t cash, but it works at Kohl’s.
  • Redeemable on future Kohl’s purchases of Kohl’s Gift Card Balance
  • Not redeemable for gift cards.

And How Do You Get It?

Every $50 spent on qualified items from Kohl’s Charge Card  such as apparel, footwear, bedding, furniture, décor, jewelry, toys, appliances, beauty goods, electronics, or housewares earns you a “Kohl’s Cash” coupon to use on future shopping trips. Kohl’s subtracts discounts, coupons, and tax from your purchase amount of Kohl’s Gift Card Balance.

  • Kohl’s Gift Card Balance may be earned by buying in-store, online, or through the Kohl’s Charge Card It can’t be used for your current purchase to qualify for Kohl’s Cash.
  • Dates for Kohl’s Cash promos are in Central Time.
  • A single purchase may earn up to $1,500 Kohl’s Gift Card Balance.
  • Because it’s a rewards program, the more you spend, the more Kohl’s Gift Card Balance you receive.
  • With Kohl’s Charge Card , you may earn Kohl’s Gift Card Balance
  • Kohl’s Charge Card (introduced Sept. 2020) gives 5% back on every transaction. You get your 5% back in Kohl’s Gift Card Balance.

With Kohl’s Cash, You Can:

Kohl’s Charge Card  works like cash and may be used on almost everything in the shop excluding Sephora items. This program is unusual in that there are no brand restrictions. Even better, if you have a $10 Kohl’s Cash coupon and locate an item for under $10, depending on your local tax rate, you may buy it with no out-of-pocket expenses. Using Kohl’s Charge Card has no minimum.This includes Columbia, Dyson, KitchenAid, UGG, Levi’s, and a few sports goods companies.


Kohl’s does not restrict the usage of Kohl’s Cash on these products. Some helpful recommendations include utilizing Kohl’s Gift Card Balance expressly for these infrequently discounted products.

Can You Spend Kohl’s Cash?

With Kohl’s Charge Card , you may stack coupons, discount codes, and offers on top of Kohl’s Cash purchases. But you can’t spend your Kohl’s Cash on:

  • Purchases of Kohl’s Cares® products.
  • Not valid for price adjustments or past purchases.
  • You can’t use Kohl’s Cash to pay a Kohl’s or third-party transaction.
  • Taxes and delivery are excluded from the usage of Kohl’s Charge Card .

Is There A Minimum Expenditure To Utilize Kohl’s Cash?

Nope! Kohl’s Charge Card  has no minimum spend requirement. But no change for Kohl’s Gift Card Balance. If you use a $10 Kohl’s Cash coupon on a $7 transaction, you won’t get $3 back.

How To Use Kohl’s Cash

There are many methods to use Kohl’s Gift Card Balance when shopping at Kohl’s, however, coupons may only be used within the period mentioned on the coupon (redemption periods vary and are clearly stated on your coupon). My mother’s Kohl’s Cash had a nine-day redemption period.

How to utilize Kohl’s Charge Card, Kohl’s Gift Card Balance :

  • Kohl’s Charge Card may be redeemed in-store with a printed coupon. A QR code may be scanned via the Kohl’s App or at Kohls.com.
  • Any Kohl’s Charge Card in your Wallet may be transferred instantly to your purchase in the Kohl’s App.
  • Kohl’s Gift Card Balance is only redeemable during the dates stated.
  • For in-store or online purchases, a maximum of six Kohl’s Charge Card may be used per transaction.
  • Enter your 15-digit Kohl’s Charge Card number and four-digit PIN at checkout to redeem your Kohl’s Charge Card. It will be subtracted from your order total (the number is above the bar code on the back of your coupon, and the PIN is to the right of the bar code: see below).

Using Expired Kohl’s Charge Card

This is a popular subject online. One reason I got so many different replies is that Kohl’s appears to have modified their policy over time. According to what I’ve read, it used to be quite lax. Also, in the past, retailers have made exceptions to the rules, and customers have posted about their experiences online.


Kohl’s Charge Card, Kohl’s Gift Card Balance is valid for ten days in general, and the expiry date is always explicitly stated on the voucher. Previously, if you used a coupon in-store, you got a 10-day grace period.


However, based on current research (including Kohl’s official policy), using Kohl’s Gift Card Balance within the redemption period is the best option. Kohl’s has great customer service and encourages staff to follow company regulations. Utilize this fantastic benefit within the company’s guidelines.

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