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WordPress vs Weebly- Which is the better choice for a Website in 2022?

Have you decided to create your website but are unsure whether to use WordPress or Weebly? If that’s the case, let us delve into the specifics of both alternatives to assist you in making the best selection possible. WordPress is one of the most prevalent platforms for developing websites. More than 35% of all live websites use the WordPress Platform. That’s a difficult amount to comprehend. Many agencies hire WordPress developer to make their website look more appealing. However, a new competitor named Weebly has lately emerged on the internet, garnering excellent reviews and being dubbed a newbie-friendly website builder for creating blogs, sites, and ecommerce stores. No doubt, these are the two strong contenders. Are you having trouble deciding which website builder to use for your first site?

We have evaluated WordPress and Weebly based on several criteria and selected a front-runner in each category. Our blog reveals a final winner based on the sum of all parameters, but you can make your own decision based on the independent comparisons for each statistic.

Difference Between Weebly and WordPress

WordPress is a major participant in the online world. You would be surprised to learn that Weebly is responsible for more than 50 million websites. But, given that we already had WordPress, what led to Weebly’s rapid rise in popularity? In fact, No tool can meet all of a user’s needs. Thus shrewd players take advantage of the shortcomings of popular tools to position themselves as viable alternatives. WordPress and Weebly are in the same boat.

While both are powerful website builders, each has its own set of limits and features that cater to different audiences. Weebly is a hosted service, whereas WordPress is a self-hosted service that gives you control over your content. Weebly hosts your website on third-party servers and requires you to adhere to their terms of service.

Detail Comparative Analysis of Weebly and WordPress

To help you in making your decision strong on a particular platform, we have discussed the metrics of WordPress and Weebly.

Features or Plugins- More user-friendly

Do you know website development and blogging platform requires features? So, if it has more functionalities, it will be user-friendly and have different visual components. In fact, Weebly is famous for its rich features and provides a wide range of in-built blogging options. Furthermore, Weebly provides its users’ number of free and paid applications.

In contrast, WordPress is well-known for its extensive feature set, but because most of its functions aren’t preinstalled, you’ll have to add them as plugins. And if you do not know how to install the plugins, you will need to hire WordPress developer. While, Weebly covers the main capabilities only. WordPress essentially delivers solutions for all of your demands via its plugins.


WordPress is an open-source platform that allows you to customize your website to meet your specific requirements. Because Weebly, unlike WordPress, is not an open-source platform, the amount of customization is limited. However, you have the ability to alter the style of your website using Weebly because it allows you to edit the HTML and CSS codes.

When it comes to integrating non-built-in Weebly tools or altering the features, Weebly has some limitations. The general public’s access to fundamental functions is restricted.

Although it has free plugins and the ability to add more tools to your website, WordPress is untouchable in terms of versatility and complete control. Weebly isn’t a complete loss. If you know a little code, you can make it work.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the one factor that nobody can ignore. So, while choosing the platform, ensure it has this feature. Indeed, when we compare Weebly with WordPress in terms of SEO, the results are fascinating. Weebly offers SEO guides to its users to provide assistance and follow the SEO practices. But this guide is not complete, it has some limits.

On the other hand, WordPress is the best platform for its customers who are looking for SEO capabilities, That’s why agencies want to hire WordPress developer. No doubt, it allows to experiment with the technical aspects and provides excellent supplementary support through its plugins. Yoast, the popular WordPress SEO plugin, is used by every WordPress user. WordPress wouldn’t be nearly as valuable if it weren’t for its plugins. While Weebly comes with built-in optimizations for the title, meta descriptions, URLs, 301 redirects, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, WordPress does it only through plugins.

Business & Ecommerce

Weebly provides a free online store with basic but limited functionality. Due to design and functionality constraints, there isn’t much room for you to customize the store. WordPress is an excellent choice for an ecommerce site. You can manage all parts of an ecommerce platform with powerful ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce. Moreover, you may use the WordPress ecommerce plugins to add coupons, edit receipts, and make a variety of other adjustments. 

In fact, you can avail of WordPress Development services to convert your WordPress site into eCommerce. Also, there is no additional transaction fee to use the online payment option.

Weebly adds an additional 3% for each transaction (for beginners and pro accounts). Thus you’ll have to use a third-party payment processor like PayPal or Stripe. If you are hesitant to use a third-party payment gateway, your customers will be charged an additional 3% fee on any transaction made through a Weebly-hosted store.

Data Portability

Weebly allows you to download a zip file containing simply the HTML pages and photos from your website. You may stop hoping if you’re a Weebly user and want to import your blogs to your PC or another domain because it’s impossible with Weebly. In short, retaining the appearance and functionality of your Weebly website while exporting it is really tough.

Regardless of the format of your website, data export is simple in WordPress. The export process in WordPress is based on an XML file, which significantly decreases migration complications. In addition, you can quickly move your WordPress website to any other platform with no effort.


No doubt, Weebly has considerable advantages over WordPress.  But creating a blog or eCommerce site is not valuable if it does not have the necessary features. With WordPress, you get more tools, independence, and flexibility. You can Hire WordPress developer to avail of all these features. 

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