Keep up with the Casella Recycling Schedule 2022-2023

Keep up with the Casella Recycling Schedule 2022-2023

Casella Recycling Schedule 2022-2023 Recycling is an important part of keeping our planet healthy and sustainable. However, staying on top of what can and cannot be recycled can be confusing. To help keep you informed, here’s a guide to the Casella recycling schedule for the 2022-2023 year.

What Can Be Recycled? 

The 2022-2023 recycling schedule allows for a wide range of items to be recycled, including aluminum cans and plastic bottles, cardboard and paper products, glass containers, scrap metal, electronics, and even household hazardous waste. Additionally, some items may qualify for special collection services or curbside pickup depending on your location. It’s important to keep in mind that not all materials are recyclable—for instance, plastic bags are not accepted by most recycling centers due to their tendency to get tangled in machinery. 

What Happens After Collection? 

Once collected, all recyclable materials will typically be taken to a recycling center where they will be sorted and processed into new products. Depending on the material and its end destination, it may also pass through several stages of treatment before it is ready for reuse. In some cases, materials may even be sold to other companies for further reprocessing or manufacturing.  

By adhering to the 2022-2023 Casella recycling schedule and properly preparing materials for collection, you can help protect our planet and support sustainable living!  So make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest recycling guidelines and start recycling today!  Every little bit counts!

How to Prepare Your Items 

In order to ensure proper sorting and processing of your recyclables, it’s important to prepare them correctly before dropping them off at the collection center or putting them out for curbside pickup. All materials should be clean and dry; food residue should be removed from containers before they’re placed in the recycling bin or bag. Additionally, materials should be placed loosely in the bin; do not use plastic bags as these can also clog up machinery. Finally, make sure all containers are clearly labeled with their contents; this will help workers quickly sort through materials during processing. 

Recycle Responsibly 

When done responsibly, recycling has numerous benefits for both individuals and the environment. By following the above guidelines and staying up-to-date with your local recycling center’s schedule, you can help reduce waste while also doing your part in protecting our planet’s resources!  


While staying informed about what materials can or cannot be recycled might seem daunting at first glance, it doesn’t have to be difficult! With this guide on the Casella Recycling Schedule 2022-2023 in hand, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with what you need to know when it comes time to put out your next batch of recyclables! So go ahead – start searching for a local collection center near you today!

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