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Review of QuickBooks pos features and pricing 


Intuit is a trusted name worldwide for its reliable and popular finance software QuickBooks. It’s therefore understandable that the company would develop its own POS system. Intuit’s contribution to retail is what we review in our QuickBooks POS Review. We also compare it to other companies.

First, let’s say that QuickBooksPOS is different from its competitors. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your business needs.

Intuit, for example, has decided to charge a one-time fee for all its POS systems.

Contactless POS systems such as QuickBooks are smart because there is no contract. This means that you can save money on the usual early termination fees.

It could be a good thing for your long-term success. However, unlike the Silver POS system, which provides free support, QuickBooks POS charges $89.95 per month and $299.95 per annum for customer support.

Do your employees feel more at ease working with an Android-based POS system or an iPad POS? Despite the fact that QuickBooks has a drop-down POS Overview menu explaining how it is compatible with tablets, the company doesn’t refer to the iPad or any of the other Android tablets.

Intuit instead added support for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which technically is a tablet but it’s not what businesses are used to when looking at tablet support options for their POS systems.

The best thing about the QuickBooks POS system? It’s compatible with Intuit’s popular accounting software QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS integrates easily with QuickBooks, unlike other POS systems. The software syncs your data quickly, which saves you time and error.

Is QuickBooks the right POS system for you? Let’s examine the features, pricing, setup, and ease of use of Intuit’s POS software.

Pricing of QuickBook Pos 

Most POS systems have a monthly fee in addition to a transaction fee. QuickBooks POS offers three plans that are tailored to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

For a one-time $1,200, you can purchase the Basic Plan which allows you to take payments, ring up sales, track inventory, track customers and do basic reporting. NCR Silver’s basic plan is $99 per month or $1,188 annually. A second thing to remember when looking at any QuickBooks POS plan: the hardware required is sold separately. This is in addition to the high one-time fee.

Next, we have the PRO plan. This plan includes all the features of the basic plan, as well as the ability to manage employees, payroll, offer gift cards and layaway, create reward and loyalty programs, and perform advanced reporting. It costs $1,700 and is the plan Intuit recommends.

The Multi-Store plan is the last. It includes all the features of the Pro plan, as well as the ability to manage multiple shops, transfer inventory and perform advanced inventory reporting and sales between stores. This plan is required for businesses with multiple locations. It is the most expensive at $1,900.

Features of QuickBooks Pos

Let’s now focus on the most important features of QuickBooks POS. We will start with inventory management.

The system is easy to use and keeps inventory management organized. It adjusts and updates with each sale and return. QuickBooks POS allows you to track which items are selling and which ones aren’t, so you can adjust your inventory accordingly. The system can notify you if an item is nearing its end and generate a purchase order for you if you subscribe to the Multi-store or Pro plan.

QuickBooks POS Pro users will be able to manage their employees. This system can keep track of employee hours and commissions. It also has the ability to transmit this information to QuickBooks or any other accounting software to simplify payroll management. You can also set up access to specific functions based on the employee’s status.

QuickBooks POS offers many reporting options. The software can provide reports on best and worst sellers, sales over time, and payment method summaries. It will also show you common returns and the busiest times. Each report allows you to drill down to get more information on each sale.

Businesses that prefer to use an iPad or iPhone to sell will be pleased to know that version 12.0 includes a new app that allows them to track inventory and make sales from Apple’s devices. To make these sales, however, you will need to have a “Go Payments” card reader.


In this article we are talking about QuickBooks features and pricing, you can easily read out. I hope this article will help you purchase Accounting software.


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