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Why We Need To Focus on IELTS Writing Task Skills?

Why IELTS Writing Task is Important?

An important part of your IELTS writing assignment involves organizing ideas, easy to understand language and standard writing conventions. You’re writing should be written clearly and follow a certain style. Specifically, you need well-written paragraphs to get a higher IELTS score. Here are some reasons why we need to focus on IELTS writing task skills you should know before start your preparation for IELTS test.

So if you don’t know what a topic phrase is, haven’t heard a supporting example, or know nothing about connecting words, this blog is for you! Here are five tips to help you hone your paragraphing skills.

Importance of IELTS Writing Task

Know the Fundamentals

You will be amazed how many IELTS test takers cannot explain a paragraph. I’ve met managers, teachers, students, and even doctors who couldn’t tell me the key elements needed to write a good paragraph. Some of these people are great writers, but they still don’t believe in their basics. Basically, a paragraph is a group of sentences that are all organized around a similar topic. The paragraph should have a topic and a controlling idea. These constitute the subject sentence. It should also include support examples, support explanations, and support details. Then all of these things should be organized into a group of well-connected, easy-to-read sentences. To learn more about these components, continue reading below.

Paragraphs and Essays

This blog is all about paragraphs. However, most of your IELTS scores come from your essay. As we all must know, the main part of a successful essay is that it has well-written paragraphs. In short, a typical IELTS essay consists of four or five paragraphs. The first paragraph is your introduction. This paragraph introduces your essay and includes an essay sentence. The pamphlet sentence tells the reader what your main paragraphs are about. It is said that each main paragraph should connect directly to the sentence points of your thesis. So imagine that the sentence in your pamphlet says Canadian houses are mostly wood, well insulated and have a basement. Next, the main paragraphs of your body will focus on wooden houses, insulation and basements.

Connect Everything Simultaneously

Many IELTS writing courses and articles deal with the topic of “word connection”. These are words or phrases that help “glue” sentences and paragraphs together. Guide and guide the reader and prepare them for new ideas. For example, you can highlight your main points using the first, second, and third order. However, you can show contrast using connectors; Despite; and while. You can also use linking words to indicate the beginning or end of a discussion, such as the beginning; begin; In summary; or in general. Whatever link you use, it’s important that a well-linked paragraph is both easier to understand and easier to read.

Continue on Topic

 One of the most important things to keep in mind about paragraphs is the subject. I’ve seen a lot of good writers lose points in their essays because they tend to pitch when they write their paragraphs. The rule of thumb is: your paragraph should start with a topic sentence and all other ideas, examples, and comments should relate to that topic sentence. Let’s take an example. Imagine your thematic phrase

“Florida reptiles are deadly”. So, you can prey on tourists over alligators; poisonous snakes bite tourists and turtles bite bathers. All of these topics are directly related to the topic phrase. Now let’s say you decide to mention shark and spider attacks as well. It will be irrelevant and tangential.

The Thematic Sentence

The most important part of the paragraph is the sentence. As mentioned above, this sentence, usually at the beginning of a paragraph, should connect to your essay sentence and include a topic + checking idea. Your topic is similar to the topic. This is your main name or your idea. The idea of ​​the supervisor is attached to it. The supervisor’s idea adds thought, direction, and/or perspective to your paragraph.

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