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Why Are IELTS Exam Results Delayed or Withheld?

IELTS Exam Results

Have you completed your IELTS exam? So, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. What causes more anxiety than taking the exam? Here are some reasons why are IELTS exam results delayed or withheld sometime.

These are the IELTS exam results!

Results Delayed or Withheld in IELTS

The 13 day IELTS result time is a constant expectation! And, finally, the big day arrives – which will decide your future!

But wait! You receive an email informing you: IELTS results are withheld or delayed!

Anxiety, nervousness, fear, fear, annoyance and so many emotions you feel at the same time. Are you starting to wonder what exactly happened and what to do now?

The only thing to do is contact your exam center or wait for the result. Find out the reasons for such a statement.

IELTS Exam Results Held Up or Delayed – Why?

IELTS exam results are withheld or delayed in less than three cases. The terms and conditions are pre-specified in the attachment provided to you with the exam application form. It covers all three circumstances of delayed results, so be sure to go through them once.

Terms and Conditions for IELTS Exam Results

Review the three (3) essential terms and conditions.

Your result may not be issued 13 days after the exam if the IELTS exam partners decide it is necessary to review any issues associated with your exam or your exam administration. To facilitate any investigation, you may be required to provide written and oral samples. In exceptional circumstances, you may retake one or more IELTS components.

The First Term and Condition

It states that your result may take longer than 13 days if IELTS examine partners wish to review your exam in depth. Here should be two reasons for that:

  • IELTS exam partners want to double check your exam.
  • They want to perform quality control on how the exam is run.

Examine partners will recheck your exam if you have a difference of two or more bands in each module.

Suppose you got 7.5 bands in IELTS Listening and 5.5 bands in IELTS Writing exam. Your exam will be reviewed again by another reviewer for quality control.

If you’re that good at listening, they also expect or assume the score should be almost similar in writing. Examine partners may also ask you to ripsaw for a component or two.

The Second Term and Condition

Your result may be voided after it is issued if they find any irregularity in the IELTS exam. You may need to retake one or more IELTS components.

Your results may be voided if IELTS assessors find anything wrong with your exam. Also, you can request to ripsaw for the whole exam or part of the exam.

Here, “irregularity” refers to an unusual or unacceptable action that directly affects your exam in any way.

Exam administrators engage in strict quality control procedures at all times; to maintain the integrity of the IELTS exam.

Because of this, your result may come under scrutiny. As part of this investigation, your result is either withheld or delayed.

The Third Term and Condition

Your exam result may be voided if any of the data on the exam report form provided by you or your agent to Recognition Organizations is altered in any way.

Your IELTS result may be voided if there are any alterations or changes in the information you have provided.

Be sure to provide accurate information. Be sure to consult reputable overseas education consultants, one if you seek help from an agent for the process.

What Can You Do If Your IELTS Results Are Withheld Or Delayed?

IELTS will notify you by email explaining the delay or cancellation of your exam results. If you don’t receive an email, you can check your Spam folder or even contact your IELTS exam center.

However, no predefined time limit is foreseen in such a case. It may even take a week, three weeks, a month or even longer.

How to avoid such situations?

After Passing the Exam

Re-appear your exam: If you don’t want to wait, you can reapply for another IELTS exam. You will also have the choice to choose which results to use. Score the big score for help in study abroad or future.

Before Taking the Exam

Book your exam in advance: Booking the exam in advance will help you meet your actual deadlines. Even if you don’t receive results within 13 days, you’ll have plenty of time ahead of you.

Prepare enough for the IELTS exam to get your IELTS result without any difficulty. If you want to improve your preparation for the IELTS exam, you can also opt for the online IELTS practice exams.

Get tips and strategies from IELTS experts and score high on the IELTS exam. You can start the preparation with our online IELTS practice exam s (there are nearly 100+ exam s for each module). Additionally, you can download the IELTS mobile apps to access the practice exam s for each module. You will also need some guidance for IELTS preparation. For that you will need an expert IELTS mentor, so you should opt for best IELTS coaching in Agra. Agra has best IELTS coaching with very smart and preplanned module.

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